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Sharing Stories

Innovative Approaches to Story Time

Shivon Hess

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Sharing Stories

by Shivon Rockward Innovative Approaches to Story Time Sharing Stories Story Time ideas are usually retrieved from books. ...but what about these? Some librarians are making the shift. Web 2.0 Others are using these tools in new ways that has great potential in the library for story time. ...such as bringing literacy outside of the library... ...and into the homes of families. And also into the bookmarks of children's librarians, caretakers, teachers, and parents as resources for one on one story time with their children or group. So what is being done? Bookmarking For example, users in Del.icio.us such as dfaires (http://delicious.com/dfaires/storytime) and Melissathelibrarian (http://delicious.com/melissathelibrarian/storytime) have tagged items with "storytime". I was able to browse in their folders for sites with this central theme. Blogs Storytime Source Page (http://storytimepreschooltoddlers.blogspot.com/) by childrens librarian, Lisa, lists story time ideas such as ...books, fingerplays, songs, and crafts for age groups babies.. ...toddlers ...and preschoolers. YouTube
http://www.youtube.com/ Facebook
http://www.facebook.com/ Del.icio.us
http://delicious.com/ Blogs
Blogger https://www.blogger.com/start
Wordpress http://wordpress.org/ How can you use a ukelele in story time? Walter Minkel, from "The Monkey Speaks" (http://themonkeyspeaks.wordpress.com/) tells us how! Videos Cherry Hill Public Library Online Story Time
adapting to the needs of the community Rapid City Public Library YouTube channel
http://www.youtube.com/user/rapidcitylibrary Webster Public Library YouTube Channel
http://www.youtube.com/user/WebsterPublicLibrary Podcasts and Audio Denver Public Library
http://podcast.denverlibrary.org/ JoCo Kids
http://www.jocokids.org/templates/JCL_InfoPage.aspx?id=4378 In her blog (http://ridgefieldctlibrary.blogspot.com/2010/01/storytime-via-skype.html) Mary Rindfleisch talks about how she reads books to her grandson through Skype. This connected her to her family for free. Skype Who else utilizes this tool for story time, and sharing, purposes? Created by Jason Linney, who is based in the UK. He started by using his puppets and shared stories with his nephew. This became the idea for a business. Now he's able to communicate... ...and interact in ways that wouldn't have been possible 5 years ago. Microsoft Word Clip Art Microsoft Word Clip Art http://www.fuzzberrys.com/communities/9/004/006/387/839/images/4521091909.png http://www.fuzzberrys.com/ I sat down and interviewed Jason Linney through Skype.
He describes Web 2.0: “We have the ability now with technology for kids to feel like they actually have a personal relationship with these amazing characters. Now web 2.0 gives you the ability to give you the illusion that you’re actually apart of the world so you can actually come in and explore their world online…” These tools are being utilized by many individuals and they realize literacy is the most important goal, whether in the library... ...or at home. He also discusses a key issue with using Skype for his business: “It’s nice that parents [can] explore the world with their children as well. It’s hugely important to get a parent by it. There’s ultimately an awful lot of trust given over by the fact that these characters are going into people’s houses.” Background Photo 1156647_kids-room by Premaman Lietuva
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