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National Archive Malaysia, Terengganu Branch

No description

Heaqal Subal

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of National Archive Malaysia, Terengganu Branch

National Archive Malaysia, Terengganu Branch

Amirul Hazim B. Mohd Zulkifli
Mohamad Hisyam Izzudin B. Mohd Rafi
(2011555841)Muhamad Naim B. Muhammad
Muhammad Amireen Heaqal B. Mohd Subal
Muhammad Zul Haqif B. Mohd Azmi

Key personal
Assistant Director 1
Assistant Director
Records Management Section
Archive Administration Section
Conservation Unit
Archive Unit
Development and Support Services Section

Types of Classification and Coding Systems
Roles & responsibilities
Appraisal and acquisition
Archivist appraised records to determine if they have enduring value and should be preserved in the long-term

Archivist arrange the archival material in order to provide access to researchers

Archivist tries to create an accurate representation of archival collections content and how it is arranged physically

Archives can be defined as the whole of the written documents, drawings and printed matter, officially received or produced by an administrative body or one of its officials.
From the archive visit from National Archive of Malaysia branch Terengganu we identify what is function of archives in order to get new information about the management, technology, roles and responsibilities, method preservation and conservation.

In final consideration, the archival materials that available at the Arkib Negara Malaysia Cawangan Terengganu are systematically arranged. We also learn about the management of the records materials and also the archive. Besides that, we get more detail about records itself in order to make the best management in archives. In addition, we are able to see and retrieve the materials that available at the archive.
When we need to carry out this project, we must proceed with a method. Firstly, arrange the interview session with that archive, visit and acquire as much as information on how that archive manage its archival materials.
Meeting should be held with all members that involved in this National Archives of Malaysia, Terengganu Branch to identify problems occur and to find the solutions for these case study planning.

Archival institution of Terengganu had been launched on15 April 1978. It will be conducted under National Archive of Malaysia eastern area. Before this, it had been combine under three states, which is Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang.
This archival institution had been started to use on February 1987. On 20 December 2010, new building for archival institution of Pahang had been established.
At that time, archival institution of Terengganu can perform their best services for users with any combination with other states again and continue their legacy for commitment of roles and responsibilities effectively.

To ensure paper records don’t deteriorate, they are stored in acid-free folders and placed in acid-free boxes.

Reference and outreach
Reference assistance can include how to interpret finding aids, how to properly handled archival material.

Type of archival materials
Publications (books, Bulletins, Magazines, Newspapers, Reports)
Map, plan & poster
Cine film

The National Archive of Malaysia branch Kuala Terengganu is classifying the archival collection in 18 classifications in eight categories. The function of classification is to identify the archival material in the archive.

Coding System
The example of coding system that has been use in archive is alphabetical, alphanumeric, block numeric and other.

Arrangement of archival materials
National Archives of Malaysia
Terengganu Ministry of Education
Terengganu Branch Archive
Human Resource Department
Annual Financial Statements 2013
Balance Sheet , November 2013 

Description of Finding Aids
COMPASS is a short name for ‘Computerized Archival Systems and Services’. It is aComputerized information system which is help in manage, storage and record conservation in National Archive of Malaysia.

Manual Finding Aids
Firstly, the archive provides two copies at least in the reference area. The one copies is for research use and other one is for staff use. Then, one copies in the editorial area for the future revision such as re-appraising the location of the record. Next, one copy in the storage area and the one copy in regional area. Lastly, one copies with the director of the archival institution.

Preservation and Conservation Methods
Preservation method in this archive has four types which are:
Traditional repair
Leaf casting

Bindery of archival material
Fine Binding
Conservation binding
Case binding
Loose leaf binding

Types of stitches in bindery
Saddle stitching
Side stitching
French sewing
Cross stitching
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