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Copy of COUN 200 CBT

No description

heather snell

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of COUN 200 CBT

Is this Friday?
Where are we now?
Individual Psychology
Person Centred
Bandura & Skinner
Aaron Beck
Link between learning and behaving
Behavioral approach focuses on learning what to DO CBT knowing what to do is limited
Must first change ineffective thinking
It's not what you DO but how you THINK
Change thinking opens door opens to new possibilities of behaving
Behavior is product of learning
Both the product and producer of our environment.

Behave because we have learned how.
Major Focus?
CBT focus on thinking
Impact of thinking on behavior choices
CBT concepts:
Faulty thinking
Cognitive distortions
"Whoa ...
We've got work to do here crew...
Time for a major change to those original learned behaviors. This thing is way over warranty ...
Might have to use heavy reinforcers ..."
Change your thinking =
"Change the voices in your head"
Current behavior
Measurable Goals
Collaborator Teacher Coach Consultant
Behavior Techniques...
CBT Techniques... assessment ... cognitive restructuring ... behavior activation ... relapse prevention
Life Skills
Social Skills
Stress management
Parent Training
Clinical Research
Key Concepts
Relationship between Cognitive and Affective Domains
This is ME
These are my thoughts
These are my feelings
Think ?
Where exactly do those feelings go?
Sometimes ... just maybe ....???
Is it really all in

The Romano Family?
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