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P3 Mastery

No description

Ryan Bramlette

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of P3 Mastery

Next Steps
Confidence and Risk Taking = Evolution and Growth
Focus on the Why
Your unique ability and talent..
P3 Book Management- Building a High Performance Team
The 3 P's
Session I- Intro to Mastery

Success Stories
Risk Portfolio 1.0
Quantification of Cyber & Understanding a solution only we can provide
So What ?
Presentation Skills
Understanding our Resources & HOW they help you deliver a quantifiable and meaningful impact
Create more opportunities
than time
So What ?
The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.- Mark Twain
The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday
The few who commit rarely have the regrets of all those who quit.
Mediocrity is a shameful pollutant that belittles by underestimating potential
If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask what seat! Just get on- Sheryl Sandberg
It's not the will to win that matters...everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters- Paul Bear Bryant
People are tired of being sold to. Identify the Vicious Risks our clients have, and providing innovative solutions to those risks, will pay much higher dividends than selling them what WE think they want.
You don't have to change everything. But you have to change something.
All who are spread too thin end up average at best! Define your path and take hold.
“We consult with businesses on a level that nobody else can within our market place. Our approach allows us to fully understand our clients goals and objectives. We then align our intellect and resources in a way that helps them maximize those potentials. We also identify and minimize the VICIOUS risks organizations face today, that could stop them from getting to where they want to be. Lastly, we put a customized plan in place…and our clients tell us that HOW we execute that plan, together, ….produces a quantifiable and meaningful impact to their business that allows them to compete better within their industry.

Our Process:

The 3 P's:

: Collaborate with our clients regarding their results, strategies, goals and objectives. Align our resources and identify vicious risks.
Research- Understand industry challenges and the hazard, business, and strategic risks that are relative.
Team with our intellect and resources. Who, What, How, can bring acumen and impact
So What?- Explain HOW we work that provides a meaningful impact
Risk Conversations (R2/ S2)
Verify Alignment

: Customized Plan and Innovative Solutions
Team with our intellect and resources. Who, What, How, can bring acumen and impact
Present impactful and innovative solutions on meaningful risks
Quantify what our solutions mean to our client- So What?

: A quantifiable and meaningful impact to our clients organizations
Do what we said we would do by utilizing our intellect and resources
Continue our intellectual curiosity so we can ay relevant and impactful
Deliver results

Prove it!
3 year- 6 part curriculum
Monthly Mastery Meetings
You're in...You're in
Challenging, Uncomfortable, Evolve
Professional and Personal Growth = Results
Drives change that produces results. Status quo is not PWI...we need to be forward thinking and innovative...selling our intellectual property, not a process or a product- as those are easily commoditized.

September: Business Perpetuation solutions- McChesney and Day, Mitigation solutions- claims advocacy proof
"Regional Boundaries" The intellect and resources stayed within the respective regions. I didn't know we could do that?
"We need a commonplace where our tools and resources are available for everyone"
P3 Playbook is designed to capture the intellect and resources of the entire firm in a way that will help you win more and keep what you have. IT IS NOT 'STUFF". It will help you understand and identify hazard, business and strategic risks on a deeper level. It will help you understand how to quantify the impact of those risks, it will help you understand the solutions we can provide, and HOW you can implement those solutions.
Currently under construction and always will be...
Will be your "start page" on a go forward
Build together

The playbook takes you through our P3 process...it will help you be a highly successful advisor by increasing your technical knowledge, acumen, and sales skills. You will win more and increase retention, and stay relevant...by utilizing this tool.
Environment of today...
Velocity in which business is changing has begun to expose traditional insurance firms. Identifying Hazard risk and transferring that risk via insurance is still very important, but clients want more than that today.

Business leaders are facing new and emerging risks on a regular basis. Employee retention/ attraction, loss of key clients, ACA, disaster preparedness, reputational risk, an aging workforce, data protetction, and emerging human resource challenges are all areas that business leaders are facing today.
Insurance agencies and producers within those agencies that do not adapt and evolve, and continue to sale primarily a commodotized transaction will be forced to sale before their revenues are simply taken from them.
Transactional agents and agencies that choose not to evolve will be devoured by innovative companies such as Zenefits.
Those that stay inward focused and do not look outward towards the risks our clients are facing, with a willingness to be innovative in HOW we work will be less valuable to our clients, colleagues, and communities.
Cheaper and Easier!
Our Response
Take the best of what we have done, and evolve.
Disrupt with Clarity
Bring clarity around HOW we work
Why ?
Disruption of our industry and clarity on HOW we work provides and opportunity for both our firm and you as individual to go from good to great.
Driving an increase in acumen allows us to be more aware and more curious of the challenges our clients face. This aligns in a meaningful way with our overall Growth Culture.
Commoditized agents will disappear. Disappear with them, or choose to evolve into a high level advisor that will contribute to our clients in the meaningful way that they will expect us to as business continues to evolve at a rapid pace.
Higher hit ratio, more rapid growth, larger revenue opportunities, and substantially reduces the risk of Producer Plateau's. More interesting, fun, and rewarding. Financial Reward.
As expectations increase, commoditized/ transaction land will not deliver the expected results on a consistent enough basis.
Senior Producers- ability to stay engaged, give back, and pave the way for the our producers of tomorrow!
Increased specialization is vital to the success of our firm and to the success of individual producers. gives you the ability to understand the risks better than anybody else and provide solutions that nobody else can. You want to grow, specialize!
Clients will hire you not because of the access to markets and competitive pricing we can provide. (Zenefits can do it cheaper and easier). They will not hire you because of the lengthy list of resources we have (everybody does or will have value added resources), they will hire you because of the interesting and valuable work that you do and the intellectual property we possess that will provide impacts for them in ways that are not even recognized yet.
Perpetuation is on the minds of many, including PayneWest. Does being innovative, forward thinking, and providing clarity to our purpose and HOW we work, help in recruiting ? ...bringing in new high impact talent that will become new owners.
What's next?
P3 Mastery
Be interested to be interesting
Invite innovation
Challenge yourself- no more status quo


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