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Kite Runner Plot Diagram!

No description

Kaumadi Kulatilake

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Kite Runner Plot Diagram!

The Kite Runner Plot Diagram!
1993 Baba is born
Police bring orphan (Ali) to house in front of grandfather.
Baba and Ali become friends (much like Hassan and Amir
Fast forward to 1963
Amir is born (1963)
Hassan is born (1964)
Hassan and Amir are friends.
Kabul, Afghanistan
Hassan's Rape
Amir watches, without doing anything to defend Hassan
Amir is plagued with guilt (becomes an insomniac)
Amir retreats from Hassan's company
Amir asks Baba about getting new servants
Amir pelts Hassan with pomegranates from their tree while Hassan doesn't do anything
Amir frames Hassan of theft
Hassan lies to protect Amir
Baba forgives Hassan
Ali and Hassan decide to leave, despite Baba's protests
War breaks out in Afghanistan
Amir and Baba flee to America
During the trip, a drunk Russian soldier demands half an hour with a married lady in order to allow them to pass. Baba stands up for the lady, claiming that, "..I'll take a thousand of his bullets before I let this indecency take place."
Amir meets Soraya
Baba gets sick
Amir asks Baba to ask General Taheri for Soraya's hand
Soraya and Amir marry
Baba passes away
Phone call from a sick Rahim Khan
Antecedent Action
Inciting Incident
Rising Action
Amir decides to return to Kabul for Sohrab (Hassan's son)
Amir learns that Hassan was actually Amir's half-brother.
Farid (Amir's driver) and Amir go to find Sohrab in and orphanage in Karteh-Seh
Amir and Farid are informed that Sohrab has been taken away by a Talib official.
Amir and Farid go to Ghazi Stadium to find the one who took Sohrab
At the half-time show, they witness the Talib Official cruelly punishing, "wrong-doers"
They set up a meeting with the Official for three o'clock that day
Farid leaves Amir to deal with the Talib Official, having done his duty, and more. He waits outside.
Amir meets with the sadistic Official and asks for Sohrab
Sohrab comes out in effeminate clothes, dancing
The Talib Ofiicial is Assef
(Hassan's rapist)
Amir and Assef fight. Amir gets badly injured
Sohrab pulls his slingshot on Assef and wins the fight for Amir
Amir is taken to the hospital
Amir fades in and out of consciousness
Amir regains his health slowly and bonds with Sohrab
Amir asks Sohrab if he wants to live in America with him
Sohrab eventually agrees
Sohrab attempts suicide before he finds out that he won't have to stay in Afghanistan for longer
Due to adoption procedures, Amir tells Sohrab that it may be a while before he is able to be taken to America
Later, Soraya calls with good the good news that Sohrab may be able to come immediately after all
Sohrab lives but is distrustful of Amir and Soraya
Sohrab and Amir go to America
Sohrab never speaks and isolates himself
Sawl-e Nau (Afghan New Years)
Kite are being flown
Amir shows Sohrab kite tricks
Amir runs kite for Sohrab.
Sohrab Smiles
Falling Action
Falling Action
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