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New Board Members

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The Presentation

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of New Board Members

The Board
Chloe Liu - President/Chair

James Regan - Vice President/Co-Chair

Sukanya Ganesan - Vice President/Co-Chair

Ramesh Perla - Vice President/Co-Chair

Nikita Mirpuri - Community Chair

Osborne Wang - Marketplace Chair

Tieping Liu (Tom) - Workplace Chair
ANET 2013
2013 Achievements Case Study: ANET partners with SYWL
2013 Achievements Case Study: The Speaker’s Choice™
2013 Achievements Case Study: Diwali
ANET 2014 Kickoff
Objective: Encourage members to join professional development sessions

Tactics: Provide members Leadership Training and Development seminars

Results: Three separate sessions with over 100+ associates engaged in professional development

The Speaker’s Choice™ gives clients the keys to make positive and lasting impressions. The results are more confident and influential business professionals, trusted by clients and teams because their authentic, clear communication impacts everything: sales, leadership, project execution, image, and business relationships.

Create momentum. Create a stronger network.

Executive engagement helps to foster associate engagement. We have hundreds of members and we need to push for member engagement in 2014. This is a collective effort.

Thank You for your participation and support!
The Wave
Kenmore Tmall review
SYWL Chinese New Year Parade
Clothing and Food Drives
Books are Fun
Chinese New Year
Panel Discussion: SHC in Asia
Leadership Presentation: Sears Holdings Global Sourcing
Speaker's Choice
Judy Hsu
ANET 2014
Dragon Boat Festival
Chinese New Year Parade
Clothing and Food Drives
Chinese New Year
Monthly/Bi-monthly networking coffee/tea
Panel Discussion: SHC in Asia
Leadership Presentation:
NAAAP - National Association of Asian American Professionals

Objective: Provide an opportunity for associates to network and embrace diversity

Tactics: Host Diwali event to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace

300+ guests joined the 2013 Diwali festival
More than 20 members spent personal hours assisting and serving guests for the event, and preparing a presentation for the guests
Executive speaker, Prashanth Kumar, described how Diwali is celebrated
Executive speaker, Srini Kandala, gave a presentation on Diwali and the special promotions that SYWL was doing for the event

Objective: Interact with Asian demographic in culturally relevant way

Tactics: Partner with SYWL to create a special member engagement at the Chinese New Year Parade

Joined an event that let us display our cultural values - put Members First and deliver a WOW Member Experience
Provided greeting in Chinese to live audience of 30,000+
Passed out SYWL advertisements at the event
Placed SHC logo in two local publications and on the reviewing stand banner
Received local media attention for the event
Objective: Assist business with projects that utilize ANET talent

Tactics: Partner with KCD Business Development team on intetional projects

Tmall is one of China's largest e-commerce platforms
6 members spent several hours reviewing Kenmore's Tmall offerings
Provided translation services and feedback on Kenmore offerings
Offered culturally relevant viewpoint on Kenmore's presence in China
2013 Achievements Case Study: Kenmore Tmall Project
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