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Some Really Creative Title That Makes You Laugh and So You Immediately Give Me an A+ by Will Frost.

I like to get A's on my work.

Batman Batmattington

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Some Really Creative Title That Makes You Laugh and So You Immediately Give Me an A+ by Will Frost.

By none other than Will Frost My Awesome Prezi Presentation That Totally Deserves an A. How the Heck Does A School Compare to a Cell? I'll tell you how Membranes allow things in and out of a cell. The school doors keep the wild animals out and the kids and teenagers inside. (New research shows that soon teenagers may be considered 'wild animals', and to all those who value their lives and possessions, please be careful around these 'teenagers'.) Principle's Office Cell Membrane School Doors Cell Nucleus A nucleus controls cell activities and has important material (DNA) that carries on to the next nucleus. A principle's office controls the activities in the school. Important documents are given to the next principle.
(For best results in student obedience, hang a paddle on the wall for intimidation.) Endoplasmic Reticulum Students There are two kinds of Endoplasmic Reticulum. Smooth ER stores things and creates and stores steroids. Rough ER make proteins Students produce essays and projects, then carry them around the school. (The two kinds are categorized by male and female.) Ribosomes Teachers The Ribosomes combine protein. The teachers combine projects and papers made by the students. (Researchers have also found awesome teacher's last names start with M and first names start with B Golgi Apparatus School Bus A golgi apparatus is to help modify, sort, and export and import protein through the cell. School buses sort, import, and export kids and their learning material in and out of the school. (Alaskan buses are famous for driving into ditches in the winter.) Vacuole Vacuoles store food, water, and metabolic toxic wastes. School Cafeteria School cafeterias store food, water, and keeps its waste in trash cans. (I wish to inform the reader that an average school cafeteria looks nothing like the image above.) Lysosome Lysosomes break down larger 'food' (protien, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and lipids) into smaller 'food'. Paper Cutter Paper cutters help cut big pieces of paper into smaller pieces. Mitochondria Lunch Ladies Mitochondria makes energy so a cell can survive and function. Lunch Ladies make/cook food for the students so they can eat halfway through the day. (I'm too tired to make a comment right now.) I'm done!!!
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