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Bridging the Digital Divide - Community Impact Forum

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Transcript of Bridging the Digital Divide - Community Impact Forum

Overall Purpose
Increase information technology-related aid to disadvantaged youth, immigrants and refugees, formerly incarcerated and the unemployed and underemployed.
Time Line
Project began
So what did we hope to achieve this year?
2008 2010 2011 2012
1) Formalize and solidify partnerships
2) Coordinate and expand efforts of community volunteers and students
3) Create service-learning partnerships
Achieving Goal 1 - Who are our partners?
BDDP strives to understand and address each organization's individualized goals

Quality over quantity approach
Goal 2 - Recruitment and Coordination of Student Volunteers
Broome Community College and Binghamton University students, faculty, staff, and student groups
Community volunteers
Partner/Client Satisfaction
Indicated by:
Surveys before program segments
Individual, ad hoc and advisory committee meetings
Volunteer Recruitment
Student Groups/organizations
What do volunteers do?
Computer Literacy training
Computer Refurbishment
Web development and enhancement
Assist in equipment collection and processing
Computer Literacy
Volunteer recruitment
32 computer literacy instructors/tutors
Partner Interest
9 computer literacy classes
Client Interest
76 clients have received training
Create and sustain computer literacy classes at selected partner locations
Consistent attendance
Cumulative curriculum
Variations in literacy levels
Computer incentive
3 levels of adaptable curriculum
Tutor discretion
Computer skills survey
Collect and refurbish used, donated computers to loan to individuals in need
Student involvement
Over 100 machines completed
Computer request management
Appropriate computer distribution
MRRP changes
Equipment needs
Loan agreements
Needs assessment
Sustained partnership development
Targeted requests
Goal 3 - Create and Sustain Service-Learning
What is service-learning?
Combining service to the community with classroom curriculum
Peg Bryden, Instructor
CST 140
Course Objectives
Benefits to the students
Benefits for the BDDP
Dr. George Catalano SCHL 280A Peace: An Historical Reflection
Course requirements
Student impact
Client impact
Sandy Wright
Business internship
Course requirements
Benefits to students
Benefits to the BDDP
Incorporating BDDP into a service-learning class
Connect with a community partner
Develop service guidelines
learning objective
hours requirement
reflection journal
Project Outputs
2 Institutions of Higher Education
Computer Literacy
7 additional student volunteers
7 faculty
4 professional staff
3 student groups
3 service-learning classes
47 Student Volunteers
43 Loaned machines
6 literacy classes received computers
76 Clients
32 Instructors/Tutors
9 Classes
New Directions
Future of BDDP
Solidifying Partnerships
Special Thanks
Bridging the Digital Divide Program- Community Impact Forum 2011-2012

American Civic Association
Binghamton Boys & Girls Club
Binghamton Housing Authority
Binghamton University
Broome Community College
Broome County Urban League
Broome-Tioga BOCES
Broome Tioga Workforce New York
George F. Johnson Dream Center
George F. Johnson Library
Literacy Volunteers of Broome/Tioga, Inc.
OASIS After School Program
The Rescue Mission
Program Support
13 Community Partners
Community Partners

American Civic Association
Binghamton Boys & Girls Club
Binghamton Housing Authority
Broome County Urban League
Broome-Tioga BOCES
Broome Tioga Workforce New York
George F. Johnson Dream Center
George F. Johnson Library
Literacy Volunteers of Broome/Tioga, Inc.
OASIS After School Program
The Rescue Mission
Sponsoring Organizations
New York Campus Compact
Binghamton University
Broome Community College
Volunteer Leaders
Dr. George Catalano
Peg Bryden
Victor Fiori
Peter Frisch
Gary Kohut
Richard Moses
Jack Rappaport
Sandy Wright
Dr. Allison Alden, Director, Center for Civic Engagement, Binghamton University
Doug Garnar, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Broome Community College
Brittany Campese, Program Coordinator
New York Campus Compact
Christie Zwahlen, BDDP Coordinator 2010-2011
Project Supervisors
CST 140 Computer Maintenance at Broome Community College
SCHL 280A Peace Studies at Binghamton University
Binghamton University and Broome Community College Literacy
Course Instructors
Binghamton University Student Refurbishers
Binghamton University Center for Civic Engagement
Project Outcomes
Youth Computer Literacy Classes
91% rated positively
80 % formed personal connections
90% would recommend to others

"I got to learn about something I use every day."

"I got to learn something I didn't know about."

"I am doing better in school."
Adult Computer Literacy Classes
75% rated positively
75% formed personal connections
100% would recommend to others

"I was born in 1952... there weren't computers when I study in Ukraine. Now in starting to work on computer.... I made first steps. I can turn on and shut down PC. I can record music from CD... and record on my MP3 player."

"I am not so frustrated with the computer and have a better grasp of how to use it."
Student Teachers and Tutors
100% had a positive experience
100% gained a better understanding of the challenges using and gaining access to technology in the Greater Binghamton community
Important skills gained:
Teaching experience
Listening skills
Volunteer experience

"Meeting the children and creating relationships with them, I was able to laugh and enjoy my time spent with the program."

"I got to connect with children that went through the same struggle I went through.
Service Learning Computer Refurbishment Class
100% positive experience
63% reported the class was enhanced by the service learning aspect
63% also said this volunteer experience made them likely to continue volunteering
100% reported some type of benefit from this service

"Helping a student learn how to use their computer. It's really great to help someone who is less fortunate than me."

"I plan to do volunteer work in the near future because my experience was very rewarding."

"Overall this was a very intuitive experience and I feel that both the client and myself gained necessary skills."
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