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Leadership Consultant Program

No description

Jon Collier

on 21 May 2012

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Transcript of Leadership Consultant Program

Phi Delta Theta
Leadership Consultant Program
Am I Qualified?
Am I getting paid for this?
Is it worth it?
What will I be doing?
Now, lets talk about the travel!
Professional Development
In 2014 alone, consultants:
Drove100,000+ miles
Covered nearly 200,000 miles
Traveled to 48 different states
Visited 180 different college campuses
General Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada
GOC in San Diego, California
Past consulants have mentioned:
It's not for everyone.
Traveling for 7+ months a year
Long hours
You are your own boss
You represent the organization at all times
Constantly challenged to better yourself and Phi Delta Theta
Based on a survey conducted in 2011 of all past consultants:
All consultants were employed within six months of leaving the position
Over 75% of respondenents had an annual income of over $75,000
Over 50% had an annual income of over $100,000
Over 65% had acquired at least a Master's Degree
Let us throw some numbers at you.
$22,104 base salary
$7,200 Housing & utilities ($600 x 12 mo.)
$2,600 Insurance policies
$4,500 Food ($25 x 180 days)
$6,000 Mileage (.40 x 15,000 miles - costs)
$1,800 Laptop computer (2nd year)
$3,000 Completion bonus (2nd year)
Possibility of $1,000 each year in bonus
$2,000 Annual deposit in to HSA
FIRST YEAR: $38,404.00
SECOND YEAR: $50,000.00
The Staff:
Other relationships built:
Over five weeks paid vacation and holidays
Hotel accommodations on Saturday
Phi Delta Theta signet ring as a signing bonus
Unlimited smartphone for business and personal use
AAA basic membership
Phi Delt Apparel
Additional Benefits
What are we looking for?
Proven leadership inside or outside of chapter
Hard-working, motivated men
Passion for Phi Delta Theta
Men that can adapt to all environments and personalities
Willing to work beyond their job descriptions
Well that depends! Based on your interests and skill set, you could end up as either a chapter services or expansion consultant.
Presentation and facilitation skills
Ability to interpret and adapt to any environment
Writing skills
Professional attire
Developing instant rapport
Self Reliance
The "transition period" from undergrad to professional
Work with existing chapters
Work at 30 college campuses a year for 3 days at a time. (regional)
Accommodations: Chapter houses, brothers’ apartments, hotels
Opportunity to leave each chapter in your region better than when you arrived.
Work with chapter brothers and Phikeias
More money through travel vouchers/More wear and tear on your vehicle
Change agent
Work independently in region
Recruit and educate new chapters
Work at 3-6 campuses a year spending a week to two months on campus at a time. (nationwide)
Accommodations: Hotels, Fraternity-rented furnished apartments
Opportunity to strategically build or rebuild chapters from the ground up.
Work with Founding Fathers and Colony members
Less money through travel vouchers/Less wear and tear on your vehicle
Work in a team on each project
Chapter Services
Phi Delta Theta is a network made up of an army of nearly one
thousand volunteers and hundreds more former consultants and staff members, all dedicated to a brotherhood that extends far beyond their own chapter.
Leadership Consultant [lee-der-ship kuhn-suhl-tnt] - Select members from all over the Phi Delt Nation brought together in order to serve the greater organization for a time frame of typically two years in which they will undergo a complete personal and professional transformation.
Who were we talking to?
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