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Watership Down Timeline

No description

watership down

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Watership Down Timeline

Fiver comes across a sign with big red letters near their warren. He believes that it's a warning and everyone must leave. How ever he has a vision of their fields drenched in blood and becomes hysterical and tells everyone to leave immediately.
Fiver's Psychic Vision
Hazel heads to the chief rabbit to try to convince him to move the warren. Sadly he sets it aside which leads to Fiver to gather other rabbits to leave the warren.
Leaving The Warren
As the group of rabbits travel away from the old warren they encounter a river. Blackberry tells the injured to get on a floating board which gets them to the other side, the others swam across. Together they reached a milestone and start to have hope in finding a safe home.
Crossing The River
Once the group finally reached open fields, and started to dig some holes to sleep in, a rabbit appears named Cowslip. He welcomes them to stay the night in his warren while the rain passes over.
Meeting Cowslip
Cowslip introduces his home to the group and they become mesmerized by everything there, their warren is huge and they are fed fresh lettuce and carrots by men. Fiver finds it suspicious but the others think its too good of an opportunity to listen to him.
Accepting The Warren
Fiver and Hazel argue about staying at the new found warren, Fiver senses a bad feeling about it and is going to leave, bigwig scolds him and hops off angrily. He gets caught by a snare and they have to save him causing the group to realize fiver was right and they must leave.
Bigwig Snared
They all travel to the hills that fiver wanted to go to earlier, they stay the night in some holes that were already dug. In the morning they go up hill and start establishing their warren.
Discovering Watership
Captain Holly, wounded, stumbles upon the warren with Bluebell. Holly explains how the warren and everyone else in it was destroyed by poisons and a bulldozer, he also tells them about their journey looking for the group.
Raiding Nuthanger Farm
Hazel comes to the realization they wont have a successful warren without does. with the help of a new friend, kehaar(a seagull), he finds out a farm is holding some and that there is a warren near by. They form two groups, one goes to the warren the other to the farm to attempt to get does.
Hazel Gets Shot
During the raid, the group manages to free the does, they are however not sure on whether to follow, they encounter a cat, a dog, and men. While on the run, they become stuck in a ditch with armed men nearing in on them, Hazel distracts them, getting shot, while the others get away safely. Fiver hears that hazel was shot but he believes he's alive, he searches, finds him, and brings him back to the warren.
The group that went to the warren return and tell them their experience there, it is a totalitarian over crowded warren that sees its members as prisoners. Hazel decides they must go and comes up with a plan. They travel together crossing many obstacles until they reach the point where Bigwig must continue alone, he gets taken in by Efrafa and learns about their security. He talks to a rebellious doe and explains his plan to break out some does, she spreads the work carefully.
Bigwig Scouts Efrafa
Captain Holly Arrives
Bigwig finds a way to send a message to Kehaar, he tells the bird to come back that night. He goes to free a prisoner knocking down two guards and escaping with the does,the chief rabbit learns what has happened and takes off after them. The general and his men begin catching up, Kehaar shows up frightening them and helping the others make it across the river. Once back at the warren they learn they were still being followed, the rabbits prepare to be attacked blocking their entrances
from the inside, Fiver has a vision
about a dog. Hazel gets the idea to
release the dog at the farm and
leading it to their warren to kill
off the enemies, the plan works
and they are victorious.
Epic Battle
After hazel releases the dog, he gets caught by a cat. Lucy, a little girl who lives on the farm, hears him and saves Hazel from the cat. She wants to show the wounded rabbit to the doctor, he says the rabbit is fine, and he gives Lucy a ride to where they can let him go. She lets him go right at the Watership Down warren.
Hazel Saved by Humans
Efrafa becomes untotalitarian after hearing about the escape and battle, the Efrafans who survived the dog attack surrender and are taken in. After a while Hazel decides to bring the two warrens together by building one inbetween the two, connecting them.
Many years later, the three warrens live together in harmony. Hazel lives longer than most rabbits, a rabbit appears to him with a shining light in it's ears, it calls for Hazel, he leaves his body and is satisfied with the way he left things in this world, moving on to the next.
Hazel Dies
Watership Down Timeline
Joining Warrens
Amanda Reading
Taylor Mercer
Alex Aguayo
Katie Pecktal
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