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New LIFE for Application Lifecycle Management

MDCMS for IBMi / Midrange Dynamics


on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of New LIFE for Application Lifecycle Management

Change Management for
Multiplatform Environments MDWorkflow
Web-based Project Management
for IBM i &
Open Systems Development Add-Ons SOME REFERENCES IBS Switzerland AG
Julius Bär
Mohegan Sun (Uncasville)
dd-edv ag
Integral GmbH The Change Management Suite Change Management – a trilogy MDCMS
Summary of Advantages MDCMS saves time – and consequently costs
Contains powerful, easy-to-use analysis functions
Detailed impact analysis allows well-founded planning and early risk warning
IT staff are freed from manual routine work, thus more time for the real duties
Automatic compilation, authorization assignment and migration of the objects always according to the same standards

MDCMS improves quality – and reduces risks
All changes are checked and guided, thus noticeable improvement of the quality by avoiding erroneous changes (mainly in time periods of lots of changes)
It is guaranteed at any time that in case of problems, the prior application state can be restored (Rollback) and therefore production work will never be disrupted for a significant amount of time
Complete audit trail of all changes on the system Let's see it! MDWorkflow T E A M Established in Switzerland since 1998
Executive team:
Michael Morgan; Stephan de Diego
ISV and consulting services provider for IBMi
Unique product line for:
Change Management
Application Analysis
Online support Certified to meet internal & external regulations
such as Sarbanes-Oxley, ITIL, SUDEBAN, etc. 5250 Screen or GUI, it's up to you! Installation and Training MDCMS is very easy to install and intuitive to handle.

Installation, set-up process of MDCMS and training of the key users can be accomplished in 1 to 2 weeks
We strongly recommend to make a proper conceptual set-up and comprehensive training, thus saving substantial time in the future. PL IT BU MG New Life for Application Lifecycle Management MDCMS
Midrange Dynamics
Change Management System MDOpen *
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