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"My First Inspiration"

Written by Dr. Jose Rizal back in 1874 for his mother's birthday

Mae Demagante

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of "My First Inspiration"

Integration to Our Lives
The environment was rich during Rizal's time
God's wonderful creation are one with Jose Rizal and their family in celebrating her mother's birthday as Jose Rizal wishes his mother with joy and happiness.
My First Inspiration
by Dr. Jose Rizal
Why do the scented bowers
In fragrant fray
Rival each other's flowers
This festive day?

Why is sweet melody bruited
In the sylvan dale,
Harmony sweet and fluted
Like the nightingale?

Why do the birds sing so
In the tender grass,
Flitting from bough to bough
With the winds that pass?

And why does the crystal spring
Run among the flowers
While lullaby zephyrs sing
Like its crystal showers?
I see the dawn in the East
With beauty endowed.
Why goes she to a feast
In a carmine cloud

Sweet mother, they celebrate
Your natal day
The rose with her scent innate,
The bird with his lay.

The murmurous spring this day
Without alloy,
Murmuring bids you always
To live in joy.

While the crystalline murmurs glisten,
Hear you the accents strong
Struck from my lyre, listen!
To my loves first song .
his first written poem in Ateneo
(Mi Primera Inspiracion)
dedicated for his mother
Nature was beautiful
It's truly a good time to celebrate
He was already inspired to write again
It was his mothers birthday
his mother was freed from prison
My First Inspiration
sylvan - wooden
zephyrs - gentle breeze
natal day - birth day
glisten - shine; glitter
a return of a love one is very important
inspiration comes from very significant things, especially people in your lives
We need to learn how to value God's wonderful creation
We need to learn how to appreciate things around us
We should honor our parents
We should value our family
let your parents be a role model or inspiration in your life
We should learn how to be more thankful for the things He have done in our lives and honor Him by doing good.
Rizal' missed his family especially his mother
Prepare by: DEMAGANTE, Elysa Mae M.
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