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Marketing Ideas Beyond Email and Direct Mail for Small Business

Brief discussions on: Search Engine Marketing and PPC, Variable Data, Landing Pages, SMS Text Marketing and Social Media

Eric Salerno

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Ideas Beyond Email and Direct Mail for Small Business

Marketing Techniques Beyond Email and Direct Mail On the Agenda 1) Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click
2) Variable Data, Landing Pages & Direct Mail
3) SMS Text Message Marketing
4) Social Media About This Presentation A 20 minute discussion of marketing ideas that go a bit beyond the standard direct mail and email campaign for small businesses on a budget.

A quick review of social media resources (and statistics) for small businesses to look into.

A quick introduction to SMS Text Message Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Variable Data Printing/Dynamic Landing Pages.

A representation of only one person’s perspective in a sea of talented marketing professionals. A definitive guide to all of your marketing options. Only you can decide where to make your investments.

A comprehensive guide on maximizing the potential of Social Media participation. The last marketing presentation you’ll ever need to view. About the format of this presentation: Contact Info:
Eric Salerno
Also: check out www.EmberMail.com This presentation was run using Prezi, an interactive tool that makes presentations that engage.

Feel free to contact Red Ember Marketing about converting any of your presentations to a Prezi - or creating one from scratch. Fighting Off the Biggest Threat Search Engine & Pay Per Click Perspectives and considerations. Answer: You probably shouldn’t if you’re not committed to monitoring and improving conversion rates. Why pay for clicks/traffic? If you have good control over your website content and some compelling/valuable offers, pay per click is simply an exercise in arbitrage; ensure you’re customer acquisition costs are lower than the long term value of the customer. BUT... Search Engine & Pay Per Click Perspectives and considerations. Will it help with natural search? Answer: Yes and no.
When your natural search is working well, a paid add helps you dominate the top area of the SERP, so it’s more complimentary.
When you’re not performing well in natural search results, paid ads help get your business recognized, and build a following which will slowly translate into improved natural search results. If you’re not coming up with creative (or at least new) ways to maintain sales (heck, why not increase them) during tough economic times, the competition (who will outlast you) will.
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