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Hybrid informative speech

No description

Ryan Lembitz

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Hybrid informative speech

Ryan Lembitz Hybrids History of the Hybrid Environmental Impacts We are the generation of the Prius First hybrid automobile created by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche in 1898. (Berman)
H. Piper filed first patent for gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle in 1905.
First modern day production hybrid known as the Honda Insight is released in the US market in 1999. (Lang) What makes a car a hybrid? Most modern day hybrids are full, regenerative braking, hybrids. Positive Impacts
Less greenhouse gasses due to less fuel being burned.
Hybrids bridge the gap for electric production cars.

Negative Impacts
Battery packs must be disposed of and replaced every 5-10 years. (Voelcker) A 21st Century Problem Solver + What is Regenerative Braking? Regenerative braking converts heat which would normally be lost to heat into electricity via a generator. (fueleconomy.gov)
This electricity is then used to get the car moving again via an electric motor. = We live in a very unique time when electric vehicles are not yet widely accepted.
Hybrid vehicles have helped initiated the switch from gasoline to electric vehicles.
Increased spending for large scale battery research.
What's Next? Introduction to Hybrids
History of hybrids
Mechanics of a hybrid vehicle
Positive and negative impacts of hybrids
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