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Canadian - Harry Potter Government Comparison


Hinati Arisumi

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Canadian - Harry Potter Government Comparison

Canadian Prime Minister The leader of the country
Proposes most or many of the laws The Minister for Magic Leader of the wizard-ing community
Proposes most laws and has final say on public national bills Legend = Harry Potter Government = Canadian Government Abc Abc = Canadian Government Titles = Harry Potter Government Titles Abc = Explanations Cabinet People with different responsibilities that belong to the leading political party
These members are chosen by the Prime Minister Group of Trusted Advisers and Support Staff (Includes Lucius Malfoy, Albus Dumbledore, Dolores Umbridge, Rufus Scrimgeour, and Percy Weasley) This department or group of staff all have different roles and are personally appointed by the Minister for Magic
They manage what is considered the most important sectors and have the power to propose laws
Are also close advisers and assistants for the Minister for magic = Label for Branches Executive Branch House of Commons Law making body
Run by Members of Parliament (MPs)
Responsible for studying, debating, and voting on bills (laws)
MPs are elected by voters, each MP represents a different area or riding
Everything is in English and French The Wizengamot and Other Departments and Committees (Includes Wizengamot, all Departments, and the Ministry of Magic research committee) Wizengamot is responsible for discussing, debating, and voting on laws passed down to them by the Minister
Research committee evaluates the effects of the law and voices opinions and concerns
Different departments are consulted with
Departments further discuss how a law will affect their sector of management
Ultimately goes back to Wizengamot members who are chosen by public and Ministry Senate Appointed by region by Prime Minister and can remain in office until age 75
Responsible for representing the rights and interests of minorities
Can propose laws but usually, members only consider bills passed down by the House of Commons
Thought of as "the sober second thought" and bills are only passed or approved of when both the Senate and House of Commons agrees Departments for the Rights of Minorities (Includes the Department for Muggle Relations and Muggle Liaison Office, Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and the Goblin and Centaur Liaison Offices) Represents rights of minorities like Muggles and magical creatures
Responsible for the peace of the relationships between minorities and the government
Members vote on bills to see whether minority rights are respected
Informs minorities about what they need to know Governor General Part of both Executive and Legislative Branch
Gives Royal Assent to bills passed by both House of Commons
Responsible for representing the formal head of state or Britain's King or Queen The International Confederation of Wizards and the Department of Mysteries Gives final permission for bills to be passed
Department of Mysteries refers to higher beings and makes sure there are no serious repercussions from the discussed bills
International Confederation of Wizards are rarely consulted but get the final say on any law that concerns international wizard-ing relations Legislative Branch Supreme Court of Canada Interprets and applies the laws
Is the highest level of court
Responsible for making sure that the rights of Canadians are respected
Has 9 judges from all 4 regions of Canada
Appointed by Prime Minister and Cabinet Magical Law and Public Service Departments (Includes the Council of Magical Law, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and the Department of Public Information Services) Responsible for enforcing, and applying laws
Council interprets laws and is responsible for ensuring that the rights of wizard-ing citizens are protected
Council also acts as a high court that passes judgement on severe crimes (Wizengamot is only called for when the Minister for Magic deems it needed that they judge the crime)
Public Services informs public of new laws and amendments
Department of Magical Law Enforcement includes Aurors who capture and interrogate criminals Judicial Branch Stephen Harper, our current Prime Minister Cornelius Fudge, the Minister for Magic Canadian Cabinet Ministers Lucius Malfoy Albus Dumbledore Dolores Umbridge Rufus Scrimgeour House of Commons Senate Members David Johnston Department of Mysteries Wizengamot Members Supreme Court Building Vocabulary Constituent: a person who authorizes another to act in their behalf, as a voter in a district represented by an elected official
Constitution: a nation or state's fundamental set of laws
Executive Branch: the branch of government that proposes laws, puts them into action, and runs day to day business of the government
Governance: a method or system of management
Governor General: the representative of the Crown in a dominion of the Commonwealth
Judicial Branch: the branch of government charged with the interpretation of laws and the administration of justice
Legislative Branch: the branch of government having the power to make laws
Popular Vote: total votes cast in an election
Prime Minister: the head of a parliamentary government References: (Done on EasyBib)
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