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Kasey St. John

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Perfect Blend for Leadership What is Leadership? From traits to skills to strategy.... There are attributes associated with leaders What we do know: It's all about leadership style! Okay...so what makes a good leader? Profe Triva Leaders leading Leaders
Leadership as a relationship A few quick notes on PL: Weaknesses of Transformational Leadership Effective leadership is a key factor in the life and success of an organization Blended leadership styles By: Amanda Burgan, Brittany Krueger, Emily French, and Kasey St. John One of the most widely debated but least clearly understood concepts

Difficult to define

-People want to participate in decision making

-Leadership is a process, not a position

-Not about doing things right; it's about doing the right thing! Participatory Leadership - Potential for abusing power

- Negative effect on supporters

- Loss of reality Participative Leadership Weaknesses Transformational Theory Situational Theory *Groups of 4
*15 seconds per question
*1 answer per group
* Report when called on
*Goal: get correct answer, we are keeping score Question 1 In what country did Professor Randall spend a year serving in the Peace Corps? BRAZIL Question 2 Which of the following Boards has Profe resided on? ALL of Them 1.Oklahoma Municipal League
2.The Tulsa Philharmonic
3.Oklahoma Academy for State Goals
4.Tulsa Public Schools
5.Sister Cities International What color is Profe's car? Yellow or Gold Question 4 In 1998 Profe Randall left his presidency at what local University
and took his current Job at OU Tulsa? "The University Center of Tulsa" it later was reorganized into Roger's State University Question 3 The Problem The Solution Given a Purpose Given a Voice Given Platform Given opportunity for Leadership Given acknowledgment for Good Work "Leadership is not what the leader does but what the leaders and collaborators do together to change organizations." (Rost, 1991) School lunch hour
30 min
400 students (cafeteria max 250-300)
students not eating
students roaming and causing trouble The bill introduced a policy for students to leave campus for lunch.

To qualify for leaving campus at lunch:

1. Signed contact
2. A good discipline record
3. No grade less than a ‘C’
4. No unexcused absences.”
5. If late to school, no leaving school for lunch One Size Doesn't Fit All Delegate?
Direct? Who needs a chart? It's all about trust.

Make a long leash.

Be a chameleon. Our Business World Today A Theory for the 21st Century The strength of this theory is adaptation. That is the core strength that allows it to function in today's society. Traditional models are outdated! Inspire Not Order

Pulling Not Pushing

Jointly Set Expectations

Empowers others to use their unique abilities Introduced by James MacGregor Burns and expanded upon by Bernard M. Bass

-Needs and Motives of others
-Task Importance
-Vision for the team and organization
-Lead by example
-Engaged team and inspire them Assumptions of Transformational Leadership style Awareness of the task importance and a leader who is inspiring motivates people

Focus on team and organization produces productivity

A passionate person with vision and energy can accomplish great things The "Four I's" 1. Develop the Vision
- Come up with a view of the future of the organization that will excite the people of the organization

2. Sell the Vision
- Once you come up with your vision, begin to sell it
- Build relationships with the subordinates
- Be consistent with your integrity -Idealized Influence

-Inspirational Motivation

-Intellectual Stimulation

-Individual Consideration The Works Interesting Information -Recent research has linked transformational leaders to employee job satisfaction and organizational performance

- Research shows that managers who are motivated internally within the workplace are more likely to use behaviors of transformational leadership

-Workers who have meaningful relationships with coworkers who tend to see themselves as leaders that can inspire others in their workplace Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Oprah Winfrey, talk show host & philanthropist (1954-present) "The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams."

"I believe that everyone is a keeper of a dream- and by tuning into one another's secret hopes, we can become better friends, better partners, better parents, and better lovers." Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple (1955-2011) "We've had one of these before, when the dot-com bubble burst. What I told our company was that we were just going to invest our way through the downturn, that we weren't going to layoff people, that we'd taken a tremendous amount of effort to get them into Apple in the first place- the last thing we were going to do is lay them off."

"I mean, some people say, 'Oh, God, if [Steve Jobs] got run over by a bus, Apple would be in trouble.' And, you know, I think it wouldn't be a party but there are really capable people a Apple." Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart (1918-1992) "Appreciate everything your associates do for the business. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-times, sincere words of praise. They're absolutely free and worth a fortune."

"Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish." Weakness Continued Work:
-Assessing Work
-Building relationship Combine traits and styles from our three theories and organizations will run more "smoothie!" One more thing (while we blend) Leaders come in all different shapes and sizes. ...and the best ones are those who focus on people
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