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Home Performance Presentation

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Nate Adams

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Home Performance Presentation

Making Your Home A Better Place to Live Home Performance The 4 Tenets of
Home Performance Building Durability Efficiency Pretty Cool, Huh? Comfort
Health & Safety
Efficiency So What Does This Look Like?
Here's an ice dam. We fix these.
Less heat loss and roof rot. Health Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Carbon monoxide from furnaces
Pet dander
Dust & mold from attic
Cleaners and other chemicals Comfort Heat & Cool
Make & deliver it efficiently - furnace & AC
Keep it in efficiently - insulation & air sealing Water Kills Buildings 20-50% reductions in energy usage are common Icicles and ice dams rot out the bottom of roofs Fix Your House for Free!
Savings May Offset Payments Air Leaks = Drafts
Temperature Differences = Drafts
Even Temperatures = Comfort
Good Airflow & Insulation = Even Temps Many furnaces & water heaters
make too much CO
Some chimneys don't flow (draft)
and put flue gases in the house Energy audits & HP measures
can find & fix these Safety Mold in attics is caused by warm moist air
Moisture in warm air condenses on the roof Air sealing stops moisture in attic Insulation & air sealing stop ice Wall insulation makes paint peel less ROI in 5-10 years even with cheap gas That's 10-20% interest,
no risk, no taxes energysmartohio.com
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