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No description

Andy Bui

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Esports

Topic Explored
-Explore the concept of Competitive gaming.
-The stresses of a pro gamer.
-What a day to day life is like as a pro gamer .
-Focus mostly on "League of Legends" pros due to games popularity as an E-Sport.
-Capture the thoughts of a pro gamer during a competition
Target Audience
-People who play video games.
-People who follow E-sports.
-People interested in learning about what
competitive gaming is
Audio Elements
-Interview voice overs during event/video
-Intense music to hype up the event
-Use lessen music volumes and miscellaneous noise during interview
-Use casters dialogue during the event

Why the Audience Would Be interested
-Fans of E-sports would want to see what pro gamers lives are like out of competition.
-Learn how E-sports was created
-People are interested in competition
-Players are entertaining
Point of View
-Use third person point of view
-Panoramic/Scenic point of view

Video Element
-Videos of crowd of people
-The gameplay from the event
-Stage with players
-Show the expression of players
during competition
-Scenic shot
By: Andy Bui






Work Cited
The documentary will consist of the following
Direct or Indirect Interview
-Consist mostly of indirect interview due to the interviews style making the interviewee seem more natural.

-Direct interview
List of Interviewees
-Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng: Professional League of Legends player

-David "Phreak" Turley: Veteran E-sports caster.

Brandon Beck : Creator of League of Legends and C.E.O of Riot Games.

Narrative Plan
Part 1
-Introduce the player Doublelift and his every day life and how he prepares for the LCS (Competition) with his team.
-Interview with creators of the game, Brandon Beck, and community head ,David Turley before the games to get their opinion on E-sports and competition.

Part 2
-Follow DoubleLifts Life during the gaming season
-Get Doublelift's reaction to each game
-His daily routines

Part 3
-Skip to korean world finals
-Record the reaction of Doublelift whether he wins or loses worlds and his thought on the future of E-sports
Why am I interested in the topic
- I spend a decent amount of my free time playing video games and I personally think it would be interesting to make a documentary about pro gaming and how it's starting to become more popular in North America

Possible Sponsors

-Riot Games


-Counter Logic Gaming
-Follow the point of view of the pro-gamer
-View that pro-gaming is a very difficult career to pursue
-Pro gaming should be taken seriously as a spectators spectators event in mainstream media
Methods of Persuasion
-Facts and statistics about E-sports
-Quotes from authority

-Uses balance points of view of competitive gaming

-Show pro player Doublelift at his high and low moments
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