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Agavins - Ralph Hutchison

No description

Ralph Hutchison

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Agavins - Ralph Hutchison

Agavins are a new artificial sweetener that many are calling a breakthrough, as studies show they lower blood glucose levels, which directly benefits those affected by diabetes
Agavins come from the agave plant, or as some call the "tequila plant" They are a very natural substance and they are turning out to have great upside.
Agavins currently are only available in the tequila that comes from the plant. Researchers are working to separate the substance from the liquor product in order to use in other food/drink products.
Through research of this item, it is being shown that agavins have potential to be a breakthrough. They are heath beneficial, especially to diabetics.
Research (contd.)
Obviously, coming in tequila form, one wouldn't want to over consume this product, as there are no health benefits to being fully intoxicated. But as research as being done, little downsides are being found o the sweetener itself.
Level of Sweetness
There isn't an exact number that I came across, but agavins are slightly less sweet than your average sugar products.
Agavins - Ralph Hutchison
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