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Chronological Chart of Jesus' Miracles

No description

Devin Purgason

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Chronological Chart of Jesus' Miracles

1. Water Turned to Wine
John 2:1
2. Healing of a Leper
Matthew 8:1
Mark 1:40
Luke 5:12
3. Healing of a Roman Centurion's Servant
Matthew 8:5
Luke 7:1

4. Healing of Peter's Mother-In-Law
Matthew 8:14
Mark 1:29
Luke 4:38
5. Calming of the Storm at Sea
Matthew 8:23
Mark 4:35
Luke 8:22
6. Healing of the Wild Men of Gadara
Matthew 8:28
Mark 5:1
Luke 8:26
7. Healing of the Lame Man
Matthew 9:1
Mark 2:1
Luke 5:18
8. Healing of a Woman with a Hemorrhage
Matthew 9:20
Mark 5:25
Luke 8:43
9. Healing of Jairus's Daughter
Matthew 9:23
Mark 5:22
Luke 8:41
10. Healing of Two Blind Men
Matthew 9:27
11. Healing of a Man with a Withered Hand
Matthew 12:10
Mark 3:1
Luke 6:6
12. Feeding of 5,000 People
Matthew 14:15
Mark 6:35
Luke 9:12
John 6:1
13. Walking on the Sea
Matthew 14:22
Mark 6:47
John 6:16
14. Feeding of 4,000 People
Matthew 15:32
Mark 7:24
15. Healing of Two Blind Men at Jericho
Matthew 20:30
16. Healing of a Man with an Unclean Spirit
Mark 1:23
Luke 4:33
17. Healing of a Deaf, Speechless Man
Mark 7:31
18. Healing of Blind Bartimaeus
Mark 10:46
Luke 18:35
19. A Miraculous Catch of Fish
Luke 5:4
John 21:1
20. Raising of the Widow's Son
Luke 7:11
21. Healing of a Man with the Dropsy
Luke 14:1
22. Healing of Ten Lepers
Luke 17:11
23. Healing of the Lame Man at Bethesda
John 5:1
24. Healing of a Blind Man
John 9:1
25. Raising of Lazarus
John 11:38
Chronological Chart of Jesus' Miracles
The Life of Christ
Mr. Kent Hogan
10 December 2013

By: Devin Purgason
Source Used:
Holman Book of Biblical Charts, Maps, and Reconstructions
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