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KCTC Early Enrollment Process for 2018-2019

This presentation will provide information for students to make informed decisions about their plans for next year.

John Kraus

on 21 November 2017

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Transcript of KCTC Early Enrollment Process for 2018-2019

We are THE Tech Center
in Kent County
Membership Has its Privileges
Ask Questions!
and you can get even more answers from our website

You already know what we are about...career exploration, career preparation and post secondary options.
As a current KCTC junior (or sophomore) you have the option to "Early Enroll" for the 2018-2019 School Year.

1. Soon, you will be asked to log into PowerSchool to make a selection about your status for next year.

2. You will be asked to declare one of three options:
Select the program you would like to return to
Select that you are Undecided
Select that you are Not Returning

3. Assuming you plan to return to KCTC, you will also be asked to indicate the session you plan to attend...not all programs run all three sessions...not all schools send students to each session.

4. If you are Undecided, a Student Services staff member will contact you in the next couple of weeks to discuss your options and possible program visits to other programs.
How to Early Enroll
Auto Collision Repair
Upon program completion you will be eligible for state certification as a spray technician
In your second year you will study auto frame, mechanical and electrical components
Hands on learning
Criminal Justice A and B Year
Participate in criminal investigations
Train on ropes and obstacle courses
Learn self defense and fire arms safety
New students must apply and be accepted
Information Technology and Advanced Information Technology
Microsoft Certifications and Project Management
Programming in a variety of languages
Building PC’s and Networks
Perfect for students interested in the field of aviation maintenance, professional pilot, air traffic control, or aeronautical engineering.
It introduces students to the knowledge and skills required in the field of aviation maintenance technology while also highlighting skills required for a variety of airport-related career opportunities.
Aviation Maintenance Technology
Graphic Communications
Combine art and technology to develop logos and advertisements for real clients
Learn how to take professional photographs and edit them
Design and print t-shirts, brochures, business cards for real clients
Diesel & Equipment Technology
Start, operate and troubleshoot a wide variety of heavy equipment
Learn useful welding techniques
Rebuild both light and heavy duty engines and use specialized testing equipment
Automotive Technology
Rev up your future in Auto Tech!
High Skills, High Tech, and High Pay!
Engine Performance, Brakes, Steering and Suspension, Electrical Systems
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Help plan, install, diagnose, repair HVAC systems in a thriving industry
Get a close-up look at different systems across the community through a series of field trips
Learn to fabricate and solder pipe used in these systems
Learn to form sheet metal
Catering and Hospitality Events Planning
Begin early College with Ferris State University’s Hospitality Program
Attend the only High School Hospitality Program certified by the American Culinary Federation in the State of Michigan
Hospitality and Advanced Hospitality

Health Sciences Early College Academy
Enroll in college and participate in college coursework, while you're still in high school
Earn at least 6 free college credits each year up to 14 credits after two years!
Must meet GPA pre-requisites (3.0 or higher)
Visit health care facilities for real-life patient care experiences
Earn CPR and First Aid certification
Pharmacy Technology, Certified Nursing Assistant, Rehabilitation
Health Careers
Understand the basic skills common to all engineering careers, while you learn about seven different engineering disciplines on industry CAD software
Explore the process of design and prototyping and examine the results of your designs through our 3D printer
Explore the tools of architecture and building design
Work on real projects for real clients
Engineering and Architectural Design
Precision Machining
Use computers to design parts, program and operate high-tech manufacturing equipment
Check design results with our 3D rapid prototype machine
Learn CAD/CAM software and the design process
Sustainable Agriscience
Grow and take care of plants in a real greenhouse and arboretum
Prepare to earn Michigan Certified Green Industry Professional and Pesticide Applicator licenses
Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Develop your own business plan
Create marketing surveys, flyers, business cards and ads
Explore the growing role of social media in marketing and business
Work on an actual home site every day
Operate a full range of portable and stationary power tools
Learn the entire start-to-finish process of home building
Applied Construction
Students will be involved in these new technologies through practical applications in the KCTC arboretum, greenhouse, and other offsite land/water labs
Core training areas include: Sustainability and the environment, Recycling, Waste management, Environmental Studies, Biodiversity, Land Use, and Pollution Efficiency
Choosing a career in Sustainability, will allow you to try exciting new technologies that enable industries to bring new and improved services and products to the public
Mechatronics and Advanced Mechatronics
Come be a part of the hottest new careers in Michigan!
High-tech robotics, advanced electronics, motor controls, computer controls, pneumatics, and hydraulics are a few of the subjects this exciting program will cover
Careers related to this program are high demand, high skill and high wage
Advanced Mechatronics students work with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's), high tech robotics, and spend one semester working with an industry partner.
Aviation Electronics
Learn to fly the flight simulator
Install and test a variety of avionics systems
Operate a turbine engine and a complete aircraft electrical system
What if I don't know what I want?
1. Seek more information from your teacher
2. Talk to a KCTC Student Services representative about scheduling a program visit

Why is this information important to us?
1. We want to give you priority in the enrollment process
2. It helps us to build our master schedule for next year and reserve a spot for you
3. If you are undecided, we can offer you assistance
4. We can let your local high school know your intentions early in the scheduling process

Most KCTC programs are designed to allow students to attend for two consecutive years. There are often benefits to attend two years - Embedded English, Math or Science credit, World Language credit, College credit, Certifications, Leadership Opportunities, Work Based Learning Opportunities...
The selection window is open from Dec. 4 - Dec. 8. You may change your selection up until Dec. 8.

After this time, any changes need to be processed through Student Services.

Early Enrollment for...
In order to retain your priority placement, you must be a student in good standing

In some cases, if more requests for a class are made than seats are available, we will make selections based on student performance, attendance, and teacher recommendation.
3D Animation and Game Design
3D Animation and Game Design
Learn to 3D Model using industry software
Create your own characters, objects, and scenes in a game
See how 3D Modeling is used in many industries
Must either have completed one semester in Graphic Communications or submit an approved portfolio of prior work
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