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Copy of Business Presentations

Here are some examples of a few tools you can incorporate into Prezi that are applicable to business presentations (Cost Benefit Analysis, Stakeholder Model, SWOT Analysis, Timeline, and Stock Comparison). Feel free to use this Prezi as a template.

Sunir Garg

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Business Presentations

qwerqwerqwer qwerqwerqwer Strategic Analysis Internal External Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Complete Solution Provider
- Strong technical base
History of consulting
- Document management company
- Regulatory compliance experience
Loyal customer base Brand Perception
General expertise
Lack of differentiation HITECH Bill
Aging Population Competition
Tight timeline Additional Information Target Customers - Existing Cash flow of Xerox
- How is "meaningful use" exactly defined?
- What is the industry pricing?
- What is the profitability of other products? Branding ACS Health Care Powered by Xerox Team 11
Mustafa Osman
Sunir Garg
Rajat Chakraborty
Candice Cabe 300 + beds hospitals
> 50% revenue - Medicare/Medicaid
losing money - price sensitive
Align interests Hospitals
- End to end solution
- Continued support
- Ease of use
- Increased accuracy
- Regulatory Compliance
- Low capital expenditure Contingent Pricing Xerox - ACS
- Differentiating factor
- Market Share Risks
- Low reimbursement in some cases
- Initial Cash Investment Required
- Credit Risk

- No differentiation
- But less risk
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