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My Story - the WOW way...

No description

Shivani Kapur

on 25 March 2017

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Transcript of My Story - the WOW way...

My Story - the WOW way...
All about me...
I am Shivani Kapur, Master's of Law student at the University of Alberta. Born and raised in India, I moved to Edmonton 2 years ago to pursue my graduate education. Here at the UofA, I am writing my thesis on pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. I finished my law school in 2012 and worked for 3 years in India as a judicial clerk and a practicing lawyer in the areas of civil litigation, human rights, employment matters.
SKills i bring to the table
the wow experience

Excellent Communication Skills
Cross- cultural awareness Skills
Conflict Resolution Skills
Research Skills
Analytical Skills
Experience working in diverse cultures and diverse workplaces
Great sense of teamwork
• Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
Strong work Ethic
I love the fact that ATB is "more than a bank" and it has a cult following in the Province of Alberta. I would be fortunate to be part of the organization.

I am really impressed by workplace 2.0 (PPWE) and the flexibility that comes with it.

I am always open to new challenges, love working in a team, and above all, legal research is my passion.

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