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The country I chose was Jamica and thats what your about to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Jamaica

Jamaica By:Mackenzie Tuttle P.8 Landforms Major landforms are Blue Mounain Caribbean Sea Jamaican Channel Bodies of Water Gulf of Mexico Atlantic Ocean Caribbean Sea Population The population is 2,825,928 million The Capital The capital of Jamaica is Kingston The language The language of Jamaica is Creole and English Climate The climate in Jamaica is tropical with constant warm to hot somrtimes cold hrew the years. My Five Facts The Flag Pics of Jamaica I did my historical site on the Bob Marley Mueseum it is located in Kingston,Jamaica it is dedicated to the famous singer Bob Marley located at 56 Hope Rd. Kingston 6it's the former place of resident Robert Bob Marley it is also the site of affained asassation attempt on Robert Bob Marley in 1976. Robert Marley was one of the best singers in
Kingston,Jamaica people all over the world wanted to meet him Robert Marley died in May11, 1981 in Miami. Jamicas map Bob Marley Muesuem The Blue Mountains Jamaica was the first British colony to be established. Jamaica is the birth place of Robert Bob Marley. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbeans. Apart from the U.S. Jamaica has won the most olympic
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