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Short Business Plan for

No description

Óscar Soriano

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Short Business Plan for

Short Business Plan
Telefèric Barcelona Export
Americans (and others) can relish Barcelona.

Barcelona and all that means: history, culture, gastronomy, architecture, Mediterranean, way of life…
Get a great penetration in US market (and Mexican, Chinese, German…) with Spanish quality product under a powerful brand: Telèferic Barcelona (tbc)

In a first step we will focus in wine. Not only quality wine; modern, shocking and “catcher”

We have to finish define our product mix in common with our partners in USA, but we think it will be a good starting point this approach:

* 1€ = 1,12 $
One of the main errors of wine or food producers is that they don’t believe in marketing. We believe that the product is the key to sell, but we can´t forget about the heart and the “strange associations” in the brain of our target.

So, after this jazz, we will invest the 10% of our revenues in marketing. We strongly will follow recommendations of our partners.

In the launch, without budget, we will do:
Site (dynamic and visual). English, Spanish and maybe French
Social Media Plan (specially in Instagram, FB and Twitter)
Some events (3-4) to get some content for SM and Site.

We can get a special support of Marca España; this means that we can find an enormous support in the Ambassy, Spanish Economic Office in USA, etc.

After the first taste of the wine, we offer a first test on deposit:
Let´s talk about...
Logistics terms
Wine Card
: Red cherry color and middle layer with intense, frank, red fruit and wild fruit aromas and fresh, tasty and fruity in the mouth. 4,49$ (in Oakland).

Ruby red color with intense ripe fruit aromas hints of toffee and spicy base. Long and intense in the mouth with a long finish reflecting all the qualities in the nose. 5,93$

Ruby red color with vermilion reflections, bright.
The nose is  enveloping and dense, with aromas of crianza in barrel well integrated with fresh notes of red fruits from Garnacha and Tempranillo. The palate is fresh, harmonious, silky, with a delicate and elegant tannic structure. Aromas francs in palate, reflection of the nose. An easy-drinking wine and modern in style. 6,22$

Ruby red color with hints of cocoa, spices and ripe black fruits. Long in the mouth, intense with a long finish. Very complex in the nose, with hints of a reduced bouquet in the bottle, allowing the aromas to evolve, typical of classic Rioja wine. 7,38$

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