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GT Ripple Effect - About Us

Informative Video on Ripple Effect

Hasan Khosravi

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of GT Ripple Effect - About Us

The Beginning The Founders in London Qaisar-Pakistan Gaurav-
India/USA Aldiyar-
Kazakhstan Trevor-
South Africa Jacob-
USA Mariana-Portugal Hasan-
Iran/USA Ripple Effect becomes Global Changemaker's
Global Action Project GOALS: To Inspire Others through creative HIV Activism To End what Started as a Ripple with a Ripple GT 5k Run/walk for Orphans in Dominican Republic HIV Themed Spoken Word Event GLOCAL Activism - n. combining activism at a local level onto a global platform 2007 November 21, 2010 January 4, 2011 Global Changemakers was founded by the British Council to lend the "voice of youth" to the annual World Economic Forum Since then, the program has grown to 600 Changemakers in 110 countries worldwide London, UK: Global Youth Summit brings together 8 Changemakers to raise Global HIV Awareness Jasper-
Phillippines WELCOME TO January 30, 2011 Past Projects Ripple Effect Website Goes Live! Visit February 19, 2011- Pakistan 2011 - USA
(UWC) March 29, 2011 - USA
(Georgia Tech) 2011 - USA
(Duke) The Future is...? You February 1, 2011 - Phillippines
(UP Jambangan) Friends Family Jacob Gaurav Hasan Marianna Dad Sibling Mom Think of all that you can change Visit the Think Page on: http://www.rippleffect.org/dev/?page_id=32 Take the Pledge Take the Pledge on: http://www.rippleffect.org/dev/?page_id=34 Ideas! Creativity! Innovation! AIDS Art Competition FREE HIV Testing For GT Students Whatever you do... no matter how big or small... do it with passion and creativity and spread the ripple YOU Joe Thank you! and the journey begins... March, 2011 - India
(Fergusson College) Gaurav held a presentation and
brown-bag discussion to serve as an introduction to the Ripple Effect
and Global Changemakers visit Orphans in Dominican Republic Wear One T-shirt Design for a Year Come out and use your talents or volunteer
for a great cause. AIDS Banner
2011 Hoops for AIDS
(March 10, 2011) Campanile
(April 18, 2011) Hope Child Project WORLD AIDS WEEK @ GT Nov 25th - Dec 1st Sign-up for Committees Business cards (for donations, more information, or even PR for yourself when people want to get to know you better after seeing the commitment you have made!)
Blog (optional, not required)
Picture a day (like 365 Day Photo Challenge)
Inspiring stories

And YOU? You will be living a whole new life for one whole year!

Email Megha Mandal at smandal9@gatech.edu if you have ideas! What are your future plans? 10 shirts ($7.50 per shirt) for $77.50
7 shirts ($8.50 per shirt) for $59.50
5 shirts ($9.50 per shirt) for $47.50
3 shirts ($10.50 per shirt) for $31.50
2 shirts ($11.50 per shirt) for $23.00
1 shirt ($12.50 per shirt) for $12.50

*Please note that these costs do not include a 2.9% PayPal fee and $0.30 PayPal fee per shirt if paying by credit card. You are also responsible for all shipping costs. *How much does it cost? A wardrobe for the upper half of the body
Learning to discipline yourself, abiding by rules you set for yourself
Eliminating the trouble of wondering what to wear every morning! But on that note…
Resisting the temptation to wear anything else
Spreading awareness about the challenge
Funding Keiny’s medical treatment, education, etc.
Creating a support group within your community for people who are participating
Being a part of a global cause that is spearheading in the United States
Something unique and huge for your resume or future interviews What are the benefits? TWO SIDES TO HIV

Front SIDE of the shirt (lack of awareness):
“Because we want to stand up for all those who live in fear of saying “I AM… infected with HIV” by saying I AM for them.”

Back SIDE of the shirt (lack of funds):
“Because we want to support Keinye, a three-year-old orphan living in an HIV-affected community of the Dominican Republic, whom Ripple Effect is sponsoring.” What is the thought process behind it? Wearing the same T-shirt DESIGN (not SHIRT!) for an entire year! What exactly is the challenge? September 5, 2012

Help say “I AM” for those who cannot. “I AM” Challenge Information Buying and committing to wearing shirts (of course!)
Finding a company to help sponsor us (http://www.rippleffect.org/donate)
Spreading awareness about the challenge and encouraging others to join
Spreading awareness about HIV and AIDS, such as the statistics or lack of education abroad (http://www.rippleffect.org/learn)
Supporting your friends who participate How can I help? Started in New Zealand
Adopted from Christchurch’s I AM Challenge
Raised money for water sanitation projects in third world countries (over $10,000)
Now spearheading it in the United States – starting with Georgia Tech!
Crazy but creative! Where did you get the idea? Not trying to cause a riot or make a controversial stance!
Whenever you have the CHOICE to wear a shirt… you wear the I AM shirt
Overcoming materialism What about weddings, interviews, ceremonies, etc.? Get Involve with Ripple Effect Exec Board
or Join a Committee GT 5k
Spoken Word
HIV Testing
Art Competition
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