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The Clock

No description

Chandra Adhikari

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of The Clock

A Magic Device: The Clock
Significant Peoples
Christiaan Huygens
(14 April 1629 - 8 July 1695)
Impact on society & environment
Impact on politics
Presidential candidates can only talk for certain time during the National Convention.
by Chandra Adhikari
By improving the time accuracy and modernizing the clock, our life standard has been advanced, and the clock has
controlled the world.
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Peoples get fired from their job because of late
Traffic congestion
Started to use schedule and calendars
Change the looking of our environment - street clocks
Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics found that the SAT scores are decreased by 2% because of Daylight Time Saving.
Typically, Nowadays 5 o'clock seems to have dinner time.
Set the term limit for political leaders -- president, senate, representative, mayor, etc
Impact on economy
According to an analysis by research firm Chmura Economics & Analytics the U.S. economy lost $433,982,548 in 2010 because of daylight time saving.
He lived in Netherland and he was focused on making the telescope better by modifying into newer version. In order to
perform this, he need the
exact means of measuring
time. Therefore, this event
led him to invent the
pendulum clock.
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Most of the legal work need time to complete such as travel documents, I-551 (Permanent resident), etc. All these paper work need time
and this time is set by the clock.
Smith, Debbie. 2012. Boise Depot. Image. http://www.boisedailyphoto.com/2012_04_01_archive.html.
- Our society has advanced because of the clock
- We all depends on a clock
- The clock has developed vastly from the Sundial to
digitized clock.
- The life has changed -- the Impact of the clock in ancient
and modern life.
- Impact on politics, economy, environment, and
Su Song
(1020–1101 AD)
Chinese Timekeeper,. 2014. Su Song The Great Horologist. Image. http://thechinesetimekeeper.com/en/our-heritage/su-song/.
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He lived in China. He was credited as the inventor of the first mechanical clock, but Yi Xing, a monk, was was the first person who created the mechanical clock. Song has then developed the clock.
Significant Peoples cont'd
Sustermans, Justus. 2005. Portrait Of Galileo Galilei. Image. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Justus_Sustermans_-_Portrait_of_Galileo_Galilei,_1636.jpg.
Galileo Galilei
(15 Feb. 1564 – 8 Jan. 1642)
He was born in Italy. He was the first person to design the mechanism for the pendulum clock. He had the idea for a pendulum clock in 1637, which was partly constructed by his son in 1649, but his son died before finishing the clock.
Because the civilizations need a device to measure time, the Sundial clock was invented. The idea of the Sundial clock came from the observation of the nature by the ancient people. A stick was inserted into the soil and its shadows were observed to determine if it is morning, mid-day, evening, or night. The actual Sundial clock was invented as the first clock in 293 BC in Rome. This clock require the sun to measure the time.
As the sun moves the shadow also moves. The
sun's shadow reveals the hour of the day. If
the day is cloudy, then it is impossible to
measure time. The time was not
accurate but a rough estimate
by using Sundial.
Sundial Clock
Sand clock is also called as hour glass. It was invented around 8th-century by a monk named Luitprand in France. The process of measuring time in sand clock is different than the Sundial clock. Everytime when the total sand is filled in one side of the glass than it is considered as an hour - then you flip to other side. This clock was invented because Sundial does not work if it is cloudy. Also, the Sundial was not accurate and the inventors want to try different style clock to see if the time is accurate.
First mechanical clock was invented by Su Sung in China in 1092. This clock was the most accurate clock invented during that period. On the other hand, the water, the sand, or the sun is not required for this clock to measure the time. This is the turning point of the clock because most people found the value of using the clock. The purpose of inventing this clock was to correct the accurateness of the
time by not using sun, sand or water.
Sand Clock
First Mechanical Clock
Atomic Clock
The first atomic clock was invented by US National Bureau of Standards in 1949. This clock uses the electricity to measure the time. After knowing the value of the clock, most people started to use the portable clock like small mechanical or atomic cock. This clock is the most accurate clock in our modern world. With the atomic clock, the time was more accurate than previous mechanical clock so time advancement was the big change.
Latest Clock
Nowadays, the atomic clock is the most accurate clock in modern world, but we now have the clock in our phone. This develops our life standard. Through the phone we can also use the scheduler. Hence, having the clock in the phone is most
advanced and accurate time measurement in
our history.
Future Clock
Yanko Design,. 2013. Zeit - LED Wall Clock. Image. http://www.yankodesign.com/2013/01/17/analog-ital-clock/.
Analog-ital Wall Clock
After Clock/Modern Life
Maya Society And Culture. 2014. Image. Accessed April 29. http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/ancient-maya.htm.
Person Watching Time Powerpoint Template. 2014. Image. Accessed April 29. http://www.crystalgraphics.com/PowerPoint/Templates.Search.Details.asp?product=Time06_iw_04#largeimage.
Before Clock
We are addicted with the clock so, it is impossible to live without the clock in this modern world. Our life has changed because we always refer to the clock if we have to complete the scheduled tasks. This shows that our life has advanced.
We know that our clock has been advancing in many ways. The expected future clock will be even more digitized than what we have in modern days. For example, one of the expected future clock is shown above.
The research had found that civilizations needed time as a matter of basic survival. For example, planting, growing, and harvesting the crops, and determining day and the night. The ancient people use the sun, the star, the
moon, and other celestial objects to estimate
the time to begun and stop their work.
Therefore, the clock was invaluable in
ancient days.
Social Impact on invention
As the time passes by many peoples found that the clock is important in their daily life. They started to modify the shape and the size of clock into smaller and more precise. This modification happens after the mechanical clock was invented. Hence, this led the inventor to create the watch.
Economical & Political Impact on the Invention
During 1920's when the US had the economical boost, the clock were mass produced. Many companies like ford cars, sewing machines, railway engines, and clock industries became more popular. This event leaded the clock to be more famous. The clock industries had huge marketing during this time period. 1920's was considered as positive way for the clock industries.
The government had enforced the laws about the clock. This law was implemented after the system of clocking in and out on the job was introduced. There are two main laws, among them one of the laws is that the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) allows employers to round time clock minutes up and down to the closest quarter hour. The second laws is that the FSLA allows the employer must pay the employee for any overtime accrued resulting from rounding.
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