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A Night At A Cottage

No description

Sébastien Galera

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of A Night At A Cottage

The Author
Main characters
A Night At A Cottage
Richards Hughes
Was born the 19th April 1900, in Weybridge
Lost members of his family
His mother gave him the desire to write
Started his career as a play-writer and journalist
Traveled around the world
Had five children with Frances Bazley
Was inspired by his own troubles
Died in 1976 of a leukemia
Main characters
Symbolism and themes
We want your opinion!
2. covering top of building
6. a small house in the country
8. a state of intense worry
11. person that you don't know
1. the place where the story takes place
3. a synonym of legal
4. the opposite of dry
5. a kind of farm use to keep food for example
7. A narrative of real or imaginary events
9. with nobody in it
Symbolism and Themes
Open Questions
Initial situation
An escapee searches a place to sleep in Worcester.
He finds an empty cottage which is dry.
Disturbing element
He breaks the padlock and goes into the cottage
He makes a fire to dry his clothes and tries to sleep
Steps wake him up and a dripping wet stranger goes to the stove to warm up
The stranger also isn't a lawful citizen
He explains that there is ghost in the cottage
This is a father who lost his children and drowned himself
Out of the law
Dripping wet
To drown
Final situation
The dry man is only afraid of the coppers
He asks him why he's still wet
The stranger pushes his hands in the fire
The escapee runs outside
The story starts during an evening...
1 "On the evening that I'm considering..."
18 "So I closed the door carefully though I had little reason to fear passer at such a dismal hour."
22 "Moreover, there was a little rusted... thinking it's too dark"
He sleep for a short time
He wake up at around midnight, the hour of the paranormal
... And finishes during the night.
The whole story takes place in Worcestershire
It has rained and the environment is wet
The main character has just escaped from the Worcester jail and searches a dry place where he can hide.

The first man who searches a place to sleep :
Mysterious wanderer
He escaped from jail
He's wearing a wet coat
The stranger who comes after
His old clothes are dripping wet
Out of the law
talks badly English
Lives probably in Worcester
The escape
Atmosphere of fear
Typical for horror stories:

Lanes are muddy.
It takes places in the evening
The empty and set back cottage
Bedraggled garden
It had rained

Interpretation of the story
Progression of information : make us curious

Can be interpreted by various manners

Maybe the tale of the ghost is related to his own life

Maybe the dripping wet man is the ghost
Table of content
Biography of the author
Summary of the story
Characters and setting
Symbolism and themes
He wouldn't go in an empty and set back place if he was a normal citizen

Has got an iron bar and a knife

Closes the door carefully and doesn't want that people see him

Travels by night
What do you think about this mysterious ghost?
Is it just a tale that isn't true?
Or is it the mysterious dripping wet guy?

Or do you have an other explanation for this story?
Question 1 :
With what did the guy force the door, which was held by a padlock?
Question 2
What is this guy afraid of ?
Question 3
What did he use to light the stove?
Question 4
How did he know that someone was coming in the cottage?
Question 5
What's wrong with this second character?
Question 6
How did the man of the tale die?
3 pictures = 1 Word
You have to find the word in relation with the three pictures following
Ex :
3 letters
4 letters
5 letters
5 letters
5 letters
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