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Miguel Pereira

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Chocolate

History of chocolate
Chocolate in the present
Famous chocolate brands
Marketing idea (video)
Chocolate in the presente
Since then chocolate has evolved and in the XVI century the europeans add to it sugar and spice.
Nowadays the chocolate is found in two different ways:
the solid way:
chocolate bars, chocolate eggs and chocolate powder,...;
the liquid way:
hot chocolate,...
It's consumed not only by itself but also in cakes, ice cream, cookies and with other things...
Famous chocolate brands
History of chocolate
teacher: Manuela Sampaio
José Miguel Rei, no.17
Miguel Sousa, no.24

Chocolate has been used since the pre-Colombian civilizations. It arrived to Europe in the age of discovery brought by the spanish.
The chocolate is an aliment made with fermented almond and roasted cocoa among many others.
Now we are gonna talk about famous chocolate brands:
Famous Chocolate Brands
The first steps of Ferrero were in the 40's when Piera e Pietro Ferrero transformed a bakery into a factory. However the great leader of the Group’s development was Michele Ferrero (son of Piera e Pietro). He's desire to make and create new products were fundamental to Ferrero become what it's nowadays.

Regina was founded in 1928 in Lisbon.
During decades was the principal chocolate brand in the portuguese market.
The brand begins to lose competitiveness in the end of the decade of the 80's.
In 2000 the Imperial bought Regina and in the Easter of 2002 it put it again in the market.
Milka was created in 1901 in Switzerland by the chocolate maker Philippe Shuchard.
Milka’s name is a combination of the words Milch und Kakao that means milk and cocoa in german.
This worldwide chocolate brand has a white cow with purple spots as their main image.

Nestle is a company that makes many different kinds of chocolate. It was “born and raised” in Switzerland in 1866. It's the owner of very well known brands such as:
Toffee Crisp
Another key to this success was the effective sales network organised by Giovanni (Pietro's brother).
Nowadays Giovanni Ferrero (son of Michele) run the company after his brother died in April 2011.
Ferrero company produces a lot of different products:
The Ferrero Foundation's motto is: “Work, Create, Give”.
Regina's Products
Marketing idea
Milka's products
With this work we now know that the chocolate was brought to the Europe by the spanish.

Since then it has envolved.

Ferrero's history is more then a brand history, it's a family history.

There're many different brands of chocolate and each one has their flavor and combination.
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