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MRB Co Don't Touch

No description

Todd Morris

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of MRB Co Don't Touch

Calista LaBolle
Todd Morris
Vincent Hernandez
Allison Tans
Jonathan Magliari
Tim Ostrow Construction Begins! 1990
Steelhead Introduced to
Humboldt County 30% Growth
throughout the
Early '90s Mad River Brewing continues their commitment of producing fine ales combining the most traditional brewing methods with an environmentally sound approach. modified brewing equipment recycle all water, paper, & metal products innovative wastewater management techniques give brewery grains to local farmers Current Performance
Corporate Governance CEO - Jamie Cromwell CFO - Kim D. Rodgers COO - Kimberly Rossig National Sales and
Marketing Manager - Cindy San Filippo
Local Popularity Competitors The Bottling Process Strategies 5-Gallon Kegs Chain Stores in CA and OR Increase Sales Rep staffing Increase marketing scope and budget Tasting Room Mad River Brewing Company's
Mission Statement "To produce the highest quality
craft beer possible." Brewers Head Brewer and QC Officer: Dylan Schatz Assistant Head Brewer: Brian Brodkorb Brewers: Jon Cox and David Cook Senior Cellar a.k.a. 'The Yeast Whisperer': Jeffry "ZEKE" Branca External Environment Threats
Opportunities Internal Environment Strengths Weaknesses Corporate Resources Marketing Finance Research and Development Operations and Logistics Information Technology Implementation Evaluation and Control Product BEER Sales and Marketing
Coordinator - Tera Spohr Tasting Room &
Retail Store
Manager - Jere Cox ROA: -10%
ROE: 74%
Inv. Turnover: 5.38
Debt to Equity:8.39
Current Ratio: 8.30 Staple Item
Craft Brewery able to charge Premium Prices
Social Network Free Advertising
Local Market Demand
Supportive Blue Lake Community

Employee pool in HC is weak
Increase in Craft Breweries
Alcohol Regulations
Threat of New Entrants

HC supports local breweries
Strong bond with distributors
Handcrafted Beer
Collaborative w/ Other Local Breweries
Won Gold Medals for Steelhead & Wine Beer Substantial Production Loss
Limited expansion of operations
Price Sensitive
No Budget
Old/Used Production Machinery T-shirts Beer Truffle
Hats Place 10 Promotion Blue Lake Centennial
Release Parties for New Brews
Clothing Line
Beer Festivals
Tasting Room Price 6-Pack $ 8.25

Keg $120-185

Barrel $240 Hops are generally $16-18 per pound
Price sensitive, will find other ingredients if price is too high

Brewers have freedom to experiment with tastes away from regular production
Experimentation with aged brews
American Brewers Association keeps company up-to-date on competition
"Beer Safety Zone" in their lab to analyze quality and flavor of the beers
All brewers have tremendous amount of brewing experience
Brewers are very creative Traditional English Style Brewing Process
Water is re-used as oftern as possible
60-year old brewing equipment from Sierra Nevada Brewery
Limited to high price of brewing and bottling equipment
12,000 barrels a year of production
Truly Handcrafted beer COO is head of HR
Promotes from within
Management is on salary, entry-level is on hourly wage
Senority brewers receive full-time shifts during slow season
Administrative staff is full-time
Entire company operates on one server

Facebook and Myspace accounts
Corporate Resources Current Performance
Company History Brew Master & Founder
Bob Smith 1989 TODAY SWOT Human Resources Key Financial Ratios

ROA: =Net Income/Total Assets- ('07)16% ('08) 2% ('09) 10%

ROE: =Net Income/Shareholder's Equity ('07) 28% ('08) 23% ('09) 74%

Inventory Turnover: =Cost of Goods Sold/Average Inventory ('07) 6.47 ('08) 6.85 ('09) 5.38

Debt to Equity Ratio: = Total Liabilities/Shareholders Equity-('07) 18.84 ('08) 16.25 ('09) 8.39

Current Ratio: =Current Assets/Current Liabilities ('07) 1.18 ('08) 1.22 ('09) 8.30 Lost Coast Sierra Nevada Lagunitas Brewery Russian River Bear Brewing Moylan's Brewing Over 25 Distributors Unique Recommendations Growth Strategy Diversification Strategy Marketing Strategies Stability Strategy Logistics Strategy Horizontal
- Distributing more to the East Coast Synergy
- Work with a local restaurant in order to provide food at the tasting room while supplying beer to the restaurant. Product Development
- Make a beer that uses all local materials and ingredients i.e. Hemp Market Development - Using other Internet mediums such as Twitter
- More local advertising Pause/Proceed
- Scan local environment to understand how competitors are attracting customers Investing in newer machinery Evaluation & Control No added personnel needed
Slight adjustments to regular routines
Marketing improvements can be overseen by the Marketing Manager and Coordinator and reviewed on a quarterly basis
Operation improvements can be overseen by CFO and COO and reviewed on quarterly basis
Eel River Six Rivers Objectives Increase profitably through horizontal growth
Reinvest in itself

Cheese Stickers
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