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Summer 2010 Audio Component Workshop

Hosted at ASMSA's campus in Hot Springs, AR. Will include workshops and demonstrations in veneering, crossover design, and op amp construction.

Kyle McCourt

on 23 June 2010

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Transcript of Summer 2010 Audio Component Workshop

Summer 2010 Acoustic development workshop Crossover Design Veneering Workshop Chip Amp Construction July 10 & 11, Hot Springs, AR You are invited to attend a DIY get together at the Arkansas School of Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts (ASMSA) in historic downtown Hot Springs. ASMSA is located three blocks from the National Park with numerous restaurants and entertainment within walking distance. The idea behind the get together is more about learning some skills and knowledge associated with DIY speaker and electronic building than competition. There will be a chance to show off your designs but also several “workshops” to learn a specific skill, or at least be introduced to it.
The ASMSA campus has housing for those that want to stay on-campus. Cost is minimal; $15 for a single room per night and $20 for double per night. Housing will be available for Friday night the 9th as well as Saturday the 10th. We must have you registered to stay on-campus by July 6th, 2010. We often describe our accommodations as indoor camping with plumbing. It is not fancy but definitely affordable. Several links are shown at the bottom for those participants that desire better housing options.
The campus is secured by 24 hour security service and camera surveillance. Parking is available on campus. Facilities include a large multi-purpose room that will be used for large audio demos, a woodshop and classrooms with A/V equipment for presentations. We understand we may have people within driving distance that simply want to attend. We ask that you register at so we have an idea of the number of people coming to campus. If you do not register, you may not be allowed on-campus.
Using one of the classrooms at ASMSA, Dave Thomas will design a crossover using Jeff Bagby’s free software for a simple MT 2-way consisting of a Peerless 6.5” GFC cone HDS midwoofer and a Vifa 1” NE25VTC-04 aluminum tweeter. The design process will be shown on an overhead projector so all participants have a view of the software program and the reasons for the choices made in the design process. If you want to see how to use Jeff Bagby’s free software for crossovers to design your own projects this would be a great introduction.
Dave Thomas has a M.S.E.E. from Ohio State University and has designed crossovers for many of the DIYers in the North Texas and across the country. Dave is also a member of the PE Discussion Board, so a follow-up would be possible. More information to come. Mark Childs has offered to do an introduction on chip amps. If you are interested in these inexpensive, clean amps but have not built one, this will be a great chance to learn. Mark will go over some of the places you can get parts at a very reasonable cost and the effort needed to build the amp. The model chip amp Mark will use for his presentation is the Tripath TA2020 and output is about 15 watts.

These amps have many applications but they are especially great for iPods or PCs. Mark has also generously offered to give a Tripath TA2024 as a door prize that produces about 10 watts of power (so you may not even need to know how to build one if you get lucky).
Register at Speaker Raffle In the course of the weekend, a pair of high quality speakers will be built using a crossover designed by Dave Thomas using Jeff Bagby’s software. The cabinets will be finished by Paul Stewart using his choice of veneer. These speakers will use the following components:

If you would like the chance to win the speakers we will be selling chances for $20 until the cost of components are covered. We are not looking to make a profit on this raffle, just to cover cost of the speakers.
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