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No description

Hull Elementary

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Biology

A single cell, also have a resemblence to bacteria (both are very different things)
2. Bacterium
This book was very good. Had everything you need know about biology. Had very interesting icons and organisims itself. The book is also by one of my favorite authors. So Simon Basher could never let me down.
1.Brain storming: All pages, helps the reader get a better image of the book
Text Features
A Tardigrade is a very very very small bear looking organisme. Also to be correst it is the only animal known to live i space (for about 10 days).

protein food

3.Wet Lab
the normal wet lab
A lab where organizimes like bacteria are carried out.

Harry Tilzer
Biology (Extreme) By Simon Basher
Title: Extreme Biology
Author: Dan Green
Book Genre: Non-Fiction
Type of Information: Biology
Lexile: 1100
Main Topic: Continues Biology
Why I recommend is its a very good book, and its very short.
1.He own all of the basher science
Simon Basher (To The Left)
2.All of his books has posters if they are new
I enjoyed
3. He has own Website of all he books he has
What I enjoy of Non-fiction is, the facts are true and they date on real events. So the books are not a page of lies.
Somthing that I already knew is cloning. Cloning is when you clone a organisim. Final thing apperance is what they master clone is looking like the cloned thing
Protein is what keeps you running. On the left is some basic food that give you protein. If there wasnt protein we would hardly be living.
Gene is somthing that you get from your parents. Asen if you were a blonde someone in your family would be blonde too.
5 Facts
1. Microbe: A microscopic Organisim/bug
2.Dry Lab: Another way of a lab with computers and no genetic experimence with life
3.Biotech: Any thing that minupulates (Cloning) life form that are useful.
4.Fermenter: A Bioreactor that contains bacteria like yeast.
5.Metabolisim: A body process where it takes inside the organisim
2.Mental images:(all of them) The reason why is people create images to think better.
3.Rereading: The Begining, I have sometimes forgot pages so I reread them to remeber what it is
4.Table Of Contents: Varios pages, Help the reader give the page to them.
5.Glossary: Many pages, If the reader doesnt know what theword means they could look it up on the glossary
6.Picture: 1-50, the pictures help the student get a better idea what it is.
1. Protein (If you have no protein you wont be able to move or have a good working body system).
2. Superbugs (They are very dangerous and could life ending serious so dont play around with them).
3.Biosafety (If you are in a lab conducting a experiment you need to be safe or serious thing can happen)
Cause and Effect.
The book gives samples like if you have a biosafety lab nothing bad should happen.
Also if you have superbugs near you, you could have seriously bad things happening.
Thanks For watching.
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