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It's Data. It's Students. What's Not To Like?

Jeremy Renner

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of SQT

Student Quality Teams
Background Evaluation Instrument Example

Data Collection Tools
Week 1 Expectations Survey
Week 2 Relevance Survey
Week 3 First Meeting of SQT
Four Surveys, Each Corresponding to Indicator
Learning Log For More Feedback
Protocol Select, Train Teams
Compare to Peer Mediation or Quality Teams
Reflection Journal
Process One Class
Gather Data
Repeat Four Times Critique Unchartered Territory
Teacher Negativity About Process
Student Validity
Administration Accountability Problem
Evaluation Cycle

"Through this repeated practice over the course of the semester,
students involved in the course become more adept at expressing critical observations about their learning. This development as critically reflective learners can be an important outgrowth of the quality team process." Spence and Lenze 2001 Learning From Data

"In learning how to critique a course, students proceed through roughly four stages...:whining, correcting the instructor, learning meaningfully, and reflecting on the way they learn." "Interactive feedback with student is more effective for promoting instructional improvement than is descriptive feedback or no feedback at all."
~Cohen & Herr "I really need your help to get better. There's no one whose opinion matters more to me than yours. I need you to be really honest." Questions?
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