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Mascherpa ENGL

Company profile in English

Luciano Mascherpa

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Mascherpa ENGL

Our Knowledge Who We Are Our Products Our Highlights Member Composites Machine Tools, Measuring Machines & Systems Motion and Vibration Control Industrial Maintenance Sealing Screws Patches Surfaces Cleaning, Protection and Pretreatment Adhesion Electronic encapsulation and coating Lubrication Our Knowledge Limited Company (stock corporation)
Founded 1904
Headquarters in Milano 1600 m2
Warehouses in Tribiano 3500 m2
Capital 2 MIO Euro
60 Employees
16 Agents
~ 320 sub-distributors
> 3700 direct customers
(from craftsmen to large OEM) The Profile Tribiano warehouses
1994 Milan site
1972 founded
1904 Adhesives and Sealants
Composite materials
Electro-onics materials
Hot melt and water based glues
Industrial specialty lubes
Laminating resins
Machine tools & Measuring Machines
Motion control components
MRO products
Screw patches
Surface treatments
Tooling and prototyping products
UV products and curing devices Product groups * Exhaustive presence within the Territory
* Complete range of products in each field of activity
* Efficient network of sub-distributors
* Continous “problem solving” education of the sales force
* Pre & After sale technical service to customers
* High level of IT use
* Long lasting strong connections with Principals
* ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001
* Responsible care in the Chemical Division
* Member of DISTRIBUTORS GROUP EUROPE Highlights DGE countries Company Countries Served

Antala Iberia

ATF Russia

Costenoble Germany

Credimex Switzerland

Diatom Denmark

Endüstri Teknik Turkey

GA Lindberg Sweden

Lindberg & Lund Norway DGE members 1 Company Countries Served

Mascherpa Italy

Mavom Benelux

Mercouris Greece

Samaro France

Texma Israel

Ulbrich Austria/East EU

UK Antala United Kingdom
+ Ireland DGE members 2 Our Associations
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