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Voces inocentes

No description

kim nghiem

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Voces inocentes

What happens in the film? Chava is 11 years old and the oldest son of Kella. His father left El Salvador when the war started, for the United States. His family lives in a town that is currently heavily fought over between the Salvadoran army and guerrillas. His mother makes a living for the family by sewing, and Chava sells the clothes in shops. When he's not in school, Chava helps out by announcing stations for a bus driver. Chava is nearly tweleve and that is when the military recruits. It is set during the Salvadoran Civil War in pito, and is based on writer Óscar Torres's childhood. One day his uncle Beto, who has joined the guerrillas, comes to visit Chava's family. Beto wants to take Chava with him so the military can't recruit him, but Kella is against it. Chava falls in love with a girl in his class named Cristina Maria, and one day Chava goes to visit Cristina but finds only the remains of her bombed house. Kella sends Chava to the United States to prevent him being caught by the authorities, and he promises to return and rescue his brother before he too turns twelve. Chava returns to El Salvador and his family six years after the events of the film. He also discovers that his first love, Cristina Maria, is still alive. My Favorite Part My favorite part in the film is the part when Chava and all of the boy hide on the roof when the soldiers recruit because its really funny how they hide and the soldiers cant see them, but then it is really sad that they have to be taken away to do something they don't want to do. Voces inocentes Film Trailer My Favorite Character My favorite character is Ancha. Ancha is a grown man and is one of Chava's friends, he is my favorite character because he is really funny and makes the film less depressing because he gets everyone laughing. it is just really sad when you see that he got hung because it is just horrible that someone could actually do something like that. Innocent Voices
Review By Kim Nghiem Mi Opinión Creo que la película es muy bueno, porque así como nos enseña que nos dice que ha habido guerras y todavía son guerras por ahí. la película tiene partes divertidas, pero luego tiene partes se te hacen pensar y sentir pena por los niños y las madres de los que ya tienen que ir a trabajar todos los días preocuparse por sus hijos y luego volver a casa para ver debajo de la cama tratando de esconderse mientras se ha producido el disparo. Creo que es muy bueno que se trata de una historia real. Yo recomendaría esta película a nadie. El Salvador Population: Religion: Capital: Language: 6,227,491 Roman Catholics San Salvador Spanish El Salvador Flag The El Salvador Coat of Arms The El Salvador Coat of Arms The five flags represent the five central american countries - El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica The fourteen leaves represents the number of states. The rainbow represents hope The knot represents unity The seas represent the two Oceans the pacific and the Atlantic 5 volcanoes represent the 5 central American isthmus
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