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bhumil patel

on 7 October 2018

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Transcript of Hydro

Hydroelectric Run of River
Bhumil Patel

British Columbia is known for hydroelectric run of river
Australia and New Zealand are some countries that are looking forward in the run of river project
Canada started to use hydroelectric run of river decades ago

Hydroelectric run of river is renewable energy
Hydro energy is not polluting itself
Environmental friendly
- http://www.energybc.ca/profiles/runofriver.html
- http://www.ucsusa.org/clean_energy/our-energy-choices/renewable-energy/how-hydroelectric-energy.html#.VyL23jArLIU
- http://www.wvic.com/content/how_hydropower_works.cfm
- http://www.cleantechinvestor.com/portal/renewable-energy/1777-the-run-of-river-energy-sector.html
How is it generated
Water is taken down to a pen stock or channel
then it is lead to a generating house
after that the water spins a turbine
which then drives a generator to produce electricity
finally the used water is sent back into the river
Building the power plant is expensive
Droughts and precipitation
Creatures in the water sometimes do get harmed
What is this about?
Hydro electric run of river is a way to produce electricity, it does that with the the flow of water. In this prezi I am going to talk about how electricity is generated, what places in the world use this method, some advantages and disadvantages and also if it is efficient and widespread.
Efficient and Widespread?
Thank You!!!!!
60% of Canada's electricity is produced by hydroelectricity and run of river plays a big role in that 60%
price for generated run of river in Canada is $0.07/kWh
Asia (China) is becoming one of the new leaders in hydroelectric run of river
Increasing rate of hydroelectric run of river power plants
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