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Natasha Mullan

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Unilever

Persil has been commercially available since 1909. They have been making and improving their laundry detergent for over a century. Though they have mainly advertised to the female audience, or rather more towards mums, since they are stereotypically the ones who are known to do the laundry. They wanted to develop the best cleaning results given by any laundry detergent and have been working on that for over a century. Their many campaigns revolutionised the ways we do laundry today.
History of Unilever
Uniliver Brands
Unilever produces and distributes just under four hundred brands globally. About two billion people worldwide use them any day and everyday. A select few of these brands include:
Persil Adverts
Persil advertisements have been going down pretty much the same line for a while, though I would try to change that. Here is an example of an advert by them:
William Hesketh Lever, the found of Lever Bros, wrote down his ideas for Sunlight Soap in the 1890's, a revolutionary product back at the time that made cleanliness and hygiene improve in Victorion England. It was apparently to make people's lives a lot better and enjoyable. This is basically their "Corporate Mission" that still stays their goal to this day. The basic idea was to help people get the most out of life with their products. Though Unilever wasn't technically made official until the 20th century, they were already quite well established as they headed into the 20th century.
With Persil, the demographic audience for it would mainly be females, probably either middle-aged or slightly younger than middle-aged. Mainly, it seems to be aimed towards mums, based on the advertisements that have been released in the past. They would probably be middle class or working class people as well, with a family to be washing up for. However, the demographic can be extended to other people. Such as, students who go off on their own to wash their own clothes, though the advertisements made by Persil themselves are not targeted towards students or even teens. However recent adverts made by Persil seem to be trying to broaden the demographic, including teens into them to seem to try and make it so that teens and students take to buying Persil as well. I will try to make it so that it seems relevant to students and teens, more so than Persil are trying to at the moment.
For distribution, there are many ways to distribute the advert and product. The way to do this will be suitably on TV. I would broadcast on ITV, since there are always many adverts on there. The suitable time frame would be probably between 5pm and 7pm, since that is suitably when my new target audience, being students and teens, would be at home by that time and more than likely settled in for the night, watching TV to blow off some steam.
My advert follows the BCAP code as does follows:
3.1 Marketing must not materially mislead or be likely to do so

3.6 Subjective claims must not mislead the consumer; marketing communications must not imply that expressions of opinions are objective claims.

3.11 Marketing communications must not mislead consumers by exaggerating the capability or performance of a product
My advert will follow these alongside the many other guidelines set out by the BCAP code.
Unfortunately, I could not get a screenshot or image from the BARB website in question, though I have done my research around this area.

I have chosen to advertise on ITV since according to BARB, it gets views of just over 20% more or less every given week, which is quite a significant amount. Not to mention there are many adverts within viewing programmes, so it would be ideal to advertise on there with the specified times I have previously stated, being between 5pm and 7pm.
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