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An Overview...

No description

Claire Hilse

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of An Overview...

An Overview...
Headquarters > Party Manager > Table Leader > Roll Call
Second floor of lod cook (Zink Room)
Includes computer team and office workers (ops)
Calling official time
Keeping track of party list updates
Party Manager
One ops member per house
Communicators between the group leaders and the houses
In charge of
Setting up the row
Recieving official time
Making sure sororities are following rules
Door knocking
Table Leaders
Group leaders stationed at a table down the row
Keep track of check ins of gamma chis
Check in with Google Chat
Give roll call list and supplies to line monitors
Roll Call
Two gamma chis per house
One in charge of calling the party list
Other in charge of making sure the girls are in the correct order

Line Monitor
Two gamma chis per house
Here for the girls with anything they need
Coffee filters
Fixing name tags

Keeps the parties moving smoothly
Make sure the sororities are happy with party flow
Constantly checking Google Chat to make sure the party lists are up to date
Make sure the girls enter the houses in the exact order as the party lists
Make sure the girls are calm cool and collected as they enter the houses
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