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The Life Of Jesus Christ

No description

Kyra Kruger

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of The Life Of Jesus Christ

The Life Of Jesus Christ Mary and Joseph had to go to Bethlaham
because Augustus ordered census to be
taken through out the roman empire. So
Joseph took mary to his home town
bethlaham, then in a manger jesus christ
the messiah born.
An angel comes and talks to
joseph and says take your son
and wife and stay there until
the death of king harod. Jesus comes to John the
Baptist to baptize him.
When jesus gets baptized
a white dove came from a cloud as a symbol of god. The Three Temtations
The devil temps jesus three
times as known as the three
1.Turn the stones into bread.
2. The devil tells jesus if he obeys him then jesus will be the ruler of the world.
3.The devil tells jesus to jump off the tower. The Calling Of The Disiples
Jesus Christ brings his disiples
together to be together and
follow him
The Teaching
Jesus taught people about the lord,
and scriptures. He traveled everywhere
and taught people who came to listen to him speak. Repent for the kingdom Of God Is At Hand
When John The Baptist went to jail for preaching
against the king. John kept on repeating ''repent for the kingdom of god is at hand''.

The Miracles
Jesus did many miracle such as turning water into wine, and bringing people back from the dead, and dying on the cross and forgiving our sins. The Parables
Jesus preaches to people of
all ages about the lord, the
bible, and the scriptures of the lord. Jesus Speaks About His Death
Jesus speaks about his painful death
and how he will rise. Jesus Enters Jeruslem
Jesus comes to jeruslem
still knowing that eventually
the romains are going to find
him and kill him. The Last Supper
As for the celabration
for the passover they had the
last supper. The Crusifixion
Jesus gets nailed to the
cross for saying that him
and god are one and the same. Jesus Has Risen
Jesus has rised in
three days.
By:Kyra Kruger
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