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patty tijerina

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of FLOUR BLUFF JH

What is PBS?
PBS is a positive and proactive system of discipline that actively teaches and promotes student engagement in desired behavior.
Our Campus' Approach Consists of....
Systems Model
Team Based Approach
Staff Based Approach
Data Based Approach
Using the PBS System to Address Student Misbehavior
Research has clearly demonstrated that punishment-based and reactive systems of discipline can:
increase the rate of problem behavior
create a negative school climate
have negative effects on academic progress

The Role of the PBS Team
Team members serve as mentors to all staff members.
Provide information and materials.
Members meet to discuss discipline data, individual student concerns, behavior management solutions, etc.
The Role of All Campus Staff
All teachers and staff members are responsible for the implementation of the PBS initiative in all areas of the building.

Our common goal is to establish and maintain a positive approach to behavior and discipline management!
Our Campus Expectations
1. Be Respectful
2. Be Responsible
3. Be Productive
Promoting Campus Expectations
ZAP (zeros are not permitted) has been established for all students to participate in at the end of grading periods.

Suggested school-wide activities are...

The PBS Committee will establish the eligibility criteria.
(BOY)Staff Should Develop Procedures for:

Entering the classroom
Leaving the classroom
Obtaining materials
Sharpening Pencils
Returning Materials
Using the restroom
Asking for Help
Turning in Assignments
Using our AVID Student Planners
(BOY) Environmental Arrangement
Each educational environment should be arranged in such a way as to allow all students clear access to instructional materials and lessons, and be arranged in such a way as to provide students and teachers easy access to the areas of the classroom they need to go to.
FLOUR BLUFF JH 2014-2015
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