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Mobility and Cash Transactions

Retail Now 2013

APG Cash Drawer

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Mobility and Cash Transactions

Google: “cash use trends”
119,000,000 results
Are you sure?
The Shocking Truth

Thin-Bility is HOT

Cash will be around

There is a way to handle it
With Mobility Come Security Concerns…
“Despite forecasts of a cashless society, the United States is nowhere near the realization of this vision. In fact, if the use of cash were to decline by 17% every five years - what our forecast for 2015 calls for -then
the use of cash in the United States wouldn’t fall below US$1 billion before the year 2205, roughly 200 years from now.

What's the future of cash?
“…Data shows that
cash in circulation, is on the rise.
In fact, there was, in 2012,
$1.2 Trillion
of it swirling around the US. And, thanks to a bunch of innovators, it is getting easier and easier or merchants and consumers to access and use.
Cash can be used to conveniently
pay bills electronically the same day they are due, shop on line and pay in store, store conveniently in secure safes if you’re a small merchant and accept cash and access via ATMs just about everywhere. If anything,
innovation is making cash as easy for consumers to use and merchants to accept than just about every other electronic payment method.
And, we all know, as long as merchants like it and consumers want to use it,
cash will stick around as a method of consumer payments.

- Karen Webster, President at PYMNTS.com,

2013 PYMNTS Innovation Conference

Cash Transactions in Trial Times

There is a Future of Cash Transactions

Mobile POS: Hype to Reality
(IHL Group 2013 Study)
Specialty Retailers are deploying about 45% of all tablets shipped to retail for POS.
  They are most popular in small independent retailers of all types and large mall-based specialty chains.
Expanding the Boundaries
of POS|June 2013 RIS Study
Boston Retail Partners
Recent IHL

Studies Continue to Agree

*True regardless of Vertical

Mobile POS is

Store owned device
Running purpose built application
Operating system OS independent
So how do you take cash?
Payments Innovation and the Future of Cash
2013 ESTA Annual Conference, France

Federal Reserve Bank
2012 Annual Report
Hospitality Technology 2013
Restaurant Technology Study
Expanding the Boundaries
of POS | June 2013 RIS Study
-Mobility and Thin are Hot
-Either way Cash is Relevant
-How to Take Cash in
a “ThinBility” Environment

Mobility and Cash Transactions:
Emerging Technology in Retail
Mobility and Cash Transactions:
Emerging Technology in Retail

Stephen Bergeron
V.P. of Global Marketing
APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Tender through a Bluetooth enabled tablet.

Proximity is achieved within 2-3 meters.

Wirelessly synchronizes a mobile device and cash drawer within a personal area network.
Bluetooth Interface

Addressable Option 2
Source: 2012 MasterCard Advisors’ Analysis

Federal Reserve Bank
2012 Annual Report
Quotes on Cash
“Cash is still ‘queen.’ The amount of
currency in circulation has increased
40% since 2008.”
Market Platform Dynamics, 2013 ESTA Annual Conference
The End of Cash Has
Been Debated For Years….

RIS News | Tablet Trends 2013: The Untethered Enterprise
Impact on POS Cash Wrap Stations
(Urban Outfitters)

First major brand to deploy tablets in a large, national chain of stores. Primary mission was to enable mobile POS.
- Verifone white paper, “How tablets and smartphones will revolutionize retail” 2011
“The POS infrastructure is still a retailer’s biggest IT investment. In a recent research study, Boston Retail Partners shows that
retailers have two main targets
for expansion of its capabilities. They want to
leverage a shopper’s own smartphone for payment
transactions at stores and they want to
turn the POS mobile and bring it to customers anywhere in the store
Boston Retail Partners 14th Annual
POS Benchmarking Survey, 2013
Portable device in on the wireless store network

IP Printer is on the network

Tendering through the device “pops” the drawer

IP addressable

Ethernet Printer

IP Addressable
Option 1A
Stationary Tablet
Hand Held or Tablet
Mobile or Thin Client (Thin-Bility)
Six Reasons Why Cash
Still Wears the Crown
It’s universal.
Cash is
accepted everywhere,
from big chains to
mom-and-pop shops.
Expanding the Boundaries of
POS | June 2013 RIS Study
Hospitality Technology: POS
Software Trends 2013
Assume 1 or 2 Terminals

Customer begins the transaction on the floor

Completes at the POS terminal

Suspend Retrieve

Traditional Stack

Suspend and Retrieve

Assume 1 or 2 terminals

Multiple associates w/mobile devices

Customer begins the transaction on the floor

Completes at a remote location

Assumes remote standalone cash drawer and/or printer

Traditional Stack
The Hybrid
iOS, Droid, or Win8
Purpose built app
Price check
Place order
Product locator
Locate a store
In-store marketing push
Mobility: What is it?
New School Security
Original POS security device was the Bell on the Cash Drawer.
(Owner was on the shop floor and could turn around)
Old School Security
Loss Prevention Facts
Send a text message or the live video to a smartphone real time.
Both Wired and Wireless

Begin transaction on the floor

Go to tender

Claim the drawer
-Bio-metrics or scanning

Pop the drawer

Close transaction
Drawer as a Peer Device

Ethernet Drawer
IP Addressable
Option 1B
We are the BRAND trusted by more ISVs & OEMs in QSR, Hospitality and Convenience / Gas.
Visit our Booth
Retailers will spend 2013 researching their options, reviewing their competition’s infrastructure, understanding their own current and future requirements, and then selecting the best option.

What can I do
about it?

Can I stay in business?
Can you prove it?
RIS Retail Technology
Study | April 2013
Across North America, retail
Mobile POS devices will cannibalize 12.4% of traditional POS shipments by 2016.
  The highest are of replacement will be Department Stores and Specialty Soft Goods retailers.

“Those who
embrace the power of mobility will reap great rewards.
Those who choose to ignore mobility certainly will suffer as smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices become more and more pervasive in our connected culture.” – Greg Buzek
Sales of mobile point-of-sale hardware and software in North America are expected to top $2 billion in 2013.
Speed up transactions during peak periods (line busting).

Untether POS from fixed cash-wrap stations, which enables associates to serve customers anywhere in the store.

Remove one or more fixed POS cash-wrap stations from each store. “We can now replace $5,000 POS stations with a tablet POS that costs $500.”
Reducing walk outs when checkout lines were long.

Increasing customer loyalty by delivering immediate and improved service.
It’s fast.
Credit cards and
debit card transactions take
more time, in most cases,
than having the appropriate
amount of cash in hand.
It’s influential.
The immediacy of cash lends itself to negotiating power. Even larger stores prefer cash to avoid fees that are part of most merchant credit card agreements.
It’s anonymous.
like privacy, and cash affords
them that luxury.
It’s simple.
There’s no
hidden-fee structure. Just a single, simple transaction.
It’s direct.
It’s tactile and
works in “real time.”
"Cash continued to dominate payments in the US, accounting for 59% of all payments."

Cash isn’t going to die
– or not at least any time soon, in spite of the explosive growth of electronic payments."
“Around the world, during periods of political unrest or war, cash—especially the currency of a stable country like the United States—is seen as a safe asset that can be spirited out of harm’s way with relative ease.”

– John Williams, Federal Reserve Bank, 2012 Report

“Cash is a physical form of money which can be used for payment without any technological systems; it is resistant to power outages and disruptions caused by natural disasters.”

-- ATMIA, The Global Cash Compendium 2012 Report
Aite Group, “The Less - Cash Society: Forecasting Cash Usage in the United States”, January 2011
Enough of the statistics already!
You proved your point!
Show me a solution!
Now what can I do about it?
(Based on IHL Survey Data 2012)
This leaves 2014 for the implementation of the new technology.
Return on Investment:
Eleos Web PTE Ltd.
Follow Us!
@ BowTieStephen
What does this
all look like?

Suspend and Retrieve
IP Printer with Drawer Connect
IP Drawer or Bluetooth Drawer
The solutions are on the show floor
Six Decades of Counting Cash Out!
August 6th
9:00 am
“In a recent Loomis study, cash usage
is increasing 1 to 1.5% per annum for the next 10 years."
(Wired or Wireless)
Mobile POS: Hype to Reality
(IHL Group 2013 Study)
Mobile POS: Hype to Reality
(IHL Group 2013 Study)
Mobile POS: Hype to Reality
(IHL Group 2013 Study)
Mobile POS: Hype to Reality
(IHL Group 2013 Study)
Mobile Wallet
Store credit cards
Scan chip or bar code
Boston Retail Partners 14th Annual
POS Benchmarking Survey, 2013
RIS Retail Technology
Study | April 2013
Dunbar, 2013
Go back to your
existing customers!
McKinsey & Co,
2012 ATMIA Report
Karen Webster,
President at PYMNTS.com,
2013, ESTA Annual Conference
Rosie Rios,
Treasurer of the United States,
PYMNTS.com Innovation Conference
Lars Blecko, CEO,
Loomis Cash Study
Four Examples All Assume:
Video cameras are installed and reviewed after the fact.
Tomorrow is Here:
RIS News | Tablet Trends 2013: The Untethered Enterprise
RIS News | Tablet Trends 2013: The Untethered Enterprise
Dunbar, 2013
Dunbar, 2013
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