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Musical Theatre History 1920-1930

No description

Angelie Raynak

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Musical Theatre History 1920-1930

What happened during this time period? Role of Musical Theatre In this Era: Types of Musical Dominant: -The wealthy people- The Intended Audience Sally Comedy to decrease peoples sadness of the great depression FLying High Lady Be Good Show Boat What came out of this era? Angelie Raynak, Liz Zuback and Ashley Murray History of Musical Theatre:
The Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression! In October 1929, the stock market dropped rapdily in the United Sates. Provided entertainment to the community to lighten their spirits and help people to escape their misery.

They tended to emphazise star actors and actresses, big dance routines, and popular songs. Revues Provided comic relief to help people who were having a hard time. Protrays loyalty to loving members, regardless of economic standings. ''Talkies'' The wealthier people attended theatre over the people who had little money or no money, because of the stock market crash. A collection of songs that dealt with a dominant theme at the time.

Musicals at this time had a low budget companies. American dream was slowly fading but musicals helped people overcome difficult obstacles in their lives. Integration of song and humor into the production. The New Yorkers uses satire to entertain an audience Written by Cole Porter.
Premeried on Broadway in 1930.
Its has a theme of ''love for sale''- (prostitution). The theme is of racial prejudice and tragic, endruing love. Produced by Florenz Ziegfield
Musical Comedy.
Opened December 21, 1920 at the Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway.
Proved to be among the top five money makers of the 1920's. Produced by George White.
Opened on March 3rd, 1930 at the Apollo Theatre.
There were 355 performances. Written by Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson.
First presentation on Broadway was in 1924.
Closed on September 12th, 1925.
Performed 330 times. A musical from 1927.
Based upon Edna Ferber's best selling novel at the time of the same name.
It followed lives of real people at the time. At first films were silent and were limited, but by the end of this era they could be presented with synchronized sound. Prior to the Great Depression, Broadway of the 1920's was booming. Themes of All Musicals All themes based on the misfortunes of the Great Depression, nothing lively or exciting incorporated.

It was all based around the fact that people were losing their businesses and jobs. How did the public respond Public would watch musicals to lighten their spirits. It would help them escape for a short while from the problems in their life, while living through the Great Depression. Any avaliable entertainment allowed people to attend a social event and avoid their loneliness. to Musical Theatre?
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