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Copy of Fall of Rome and the Rise of the Byzantine Empire

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Jared Jacobson

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Fall of Rome and the Rise of the Byzantine Empire

Rome experienced a crisis in the 200s
1. Roman Emperors were weak/incapable
3. Rome was under increasing threat of invasion from various barbarian tribes
2. Civil War
4. Larger army strains financial resources
8. Economic crisis
6. Robbery and piracy increase leading to hazardous travel
7. Trade slows: merchants fear shipping goods.
5. Debased currency: As the empire increases its pay for soldiers, it is forced to use less and less silver per coin-devaluing the currency
The Fall of Rome and the Rise of the Byzantine Empire
400 AD
600 AD
800 AD
1000 AD
Diocletian attempts to stabilize the empire
In 294 he divided empire into east and west
Increased army and focused on defense of the empire
Taxes raised money for the gov’t and army
And while the soldiers were getting "more" money, everyone knew it was worth less
Constantine moves the capital-330 AD
A more defensible position
Western empire was experiencing
barbarians at the borders.
Eastern empire was richer
He essentially amputated the
“infected" west to save the east.
Collapse of the Western Empire in 476 AD
Roman Empire
Byzantine Empire
Empire Splits
Huns move from central Asia west, pushing more and more tribes to the Roman borders.
Germanic tribes ruled the provinces.
In 476, Odoacer overthrew the last emperor of the west.
Events during the reign of Justinian (527-565)
Tries to restore the glory of the original empire and sends Belisarius (in 533) to retake it.
532-Nika revolt is put down as Justinian slaughters thousands.
Building of the Hagia Sophia
•Systematically arranges Roman law into the Corpus Juris Civilis (body of civil law)-Justinian Code
1054: The Great Schism
Division of church into the Western Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox.
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