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Valpo Career Center

What the Career Center can do for you!

Amanda Ritter

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Valpo Career Center

Valparaiso Career Center What's the Career Center? Major Exploration Resumes and Cover Letters Career Fairs Interview Preparation Etiquette Dinner Graduate School Workshops Where are we located? 1st floor Harre Union
Call, email, or stop in for an appointment!!

Where should I go? What should I study? How do I get in? When do I apply? What's this about an essay?! There are so many forks! What am I supposed to talk about? What should I wear? What are they going to ask me? What should I ask them? What do I wear? I get so nervous... I thought I wanted to do___, but
now I think I want to do ____. What major is right for me? There are so many to choose from! What kind of job can I get with this major?
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