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Amy Dao

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of HETALIA

Italy Germany The World at a glance... Name: (Italian Republic) Northern Italy, Southern Italy, Birthday: March 17th Name: Federal Republic Of Germany Birthday: October 3rd Japan Name: State of Japan Birthday: February 11th Name: Kingdom Of Prussia Birthday: January 18 America Name: Birthday: The United States of America July 4th Name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Birthday: Unknown Britain France Name: Birthday: French Republic July 14th Russia Name: Birthday: Russian Federation December 30 China Name: Birthday: People's Republic Of China October 10th Name: Deceased Ancient Rome Grandpa Rome Austria Name: Birthday: Republic of Austria October 26th Belarus Name: Birthday: Republic Of Belarus August 25 "I will show you how angry I am with this piano!" "U-Uh? I'm in Heaven? Ah, if Spain's here, then it's Hell..." "Ve, ve, ve, ve, ve, ve..." "No matter what happens on the battlefield don't lose focus! Don't boil pasta! Don't bake pizza!" "The galaxy's here because I'm here. Endless awesomeness!" "Ah... a long-time walking is very hard on my lower-back. However, Japanese man never give up on the way!" "I like fatty food! From tomorrow, I'll go lose weight at the gym." "My next-door neighbor is a ghost." "I would like to get you as a dessert tonight! Chu~" Holy Roman Empire Name: Birthday: The Holy Roman Empire February 2nd Status Unknown Belgium Name: Birthday: Kingdom Of Belgium Unknown Name: Birthday: Kingdom Of Belgium Unknown Cameroon Name: Birthday: Republic of Cameroon Unknown Also America Canada "Dare?" "Canada da yo..." Name: Birthday: Canada July 1st Cuba Name: Birthday: Republic Of Cuba May 20th Denmark Name: Birthday: Kingdom of Denmark Unknown Egypt Name: Birthday: Arab Republic Of Egypt February 28th Estonia Name: Birthday: Republic Of Estonia February 24th Finland Name: Birthday: Republic of Finland December 6th Greece Name: Birthday: Hellenic Republic March 25th Hong Kong Hungary: Name: Birthday: Hungary Unknown Iceland Name: Birthday: Republic of Iceland June 17th India Name: Birthday: Republic of India Unknown Korea Name: Birthday: Republic Of Korea August 15th Latvia Name: Birthday: Republic Of Latvia November 18th Switzerland & Liechtenstein Name: Birthday: Swiss Confederation , Principality Of Liechtenstein August 01 (Switzerland), July 12 (Liechtenstein) Lithuania Name: Birthday: Republic Of Lithuania February 16 Macao Monaco Name: Location: Principality of Monaco January 8 Netherlands Name: Birthday: Kingdom of the Netherlands Unknown New Zealand Name: Birthday: "Which do you think I am?" New Zealand Birthday Norway Kingdom Of Norway Unknown Name: Birthday: Poland Name: Birthday: November 11th Republic of Poland Sealand Name: Birthday: The Principality of Sealand September 2nd Seychelles Name: Birthday: Republic Of Seychelles June 29th Spain Name: Birthday: Kingdom of Spain February 12th Sweden Name: Birthday: Kingdom of Sweden June 6th Taiwan Name: Birthday: Taiwan October 25th Thailand Name: Birthday: Kingdom of Thailand Unknown Turkey Name: Birthday: Republic of Turkey October 29th Ukraine Name: Birthday: Ukraine August 24th Vietnam Name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam Unknown Birthday: Wy Name: Birthday: Principality of Wy November 15th "Even though you run away when I follow, you follow me when I run away." "...Someday everyone will become one with me... Hehehe... Hehehe... Ah- But Belarus- GO AWAAAAAAY!!" "Even if our countries are different, if our words are different, if our characters are different, I always want to... gaze at the same moon as you." "But I still wanna live on my own." "But can you really be independent?" "On Earth Hell can be like this: The cooks are British, The police are German, And the bankers are Italian" "Dear brother... Why will you not give your signature to our (marriage) papers? Have you already chosen another one to give your signature to?" "My house is famous for it's waffles, but you better come here and taste the original ones." "..." "I'M GONNA BEAT AMERICA'S ASS WITH THIS BAT OF MINE!" "When the Nordics find themselves in a tight spot, Nordic furniture comes together from all around the world to form a giant robot!" "Would you like to buy this?" "Okay, now to write this in my blog... HUH? WHAT IS THIS?!! My blog's become like a Russia fan site!" " If you're looking for weird horror movies, my home has an amazing one! IT FEATURES SANTA!" "For human beings, being remembered does not mean we truly vanish... Incidentally, I wish to pet a cat, a cute cat. I want to pet a cat. I want to pet a cat." "I'll just gather my long hair in the back... Yeah, lookin' good. How do I look? Manly?" "I want to show you more and more of this giant, unknown Earth we live in. " "Interfering and acting at his own discretion when Prussia's main part is over... A very frightening younger brother." "Each and every cell that formed you... Originated... From me." "Wh-why am I so short? Uhm... well... It's because you keep gripping my head like that! If it wasn't for you squeezing my head, I probably would've grown another 10 centimeters or so." "When I even begin to see his face, any sort of food I eat loses its taste and begins to taste like coffee!" "Rather than an immigration stamp, I will give you a stamp with a crown." "?????" "You! I have a mole on my chest. Is that it!?" "There ain't much of this. I'm not gonna lower the price." "You can manhandle him if you want." "During the time of that feeling, Poland's rule applies~ (It'll always be my Turn!)" "Though Sea-kun's steel body is the world's smallest, its barons are found around the world!" "99% of people go through their entire lives without even knowning about my existence!" "Olives, tomatoes and also... The giant Sun at dusk are treasures!" "Hm. Name's Sweden. 'Nd m'wife." "Let's go to a photo studio, put on some make up, wear qipao and choose a pose together!" "First of all, lift the corners of your mouth, like this. And as if your eyes would raise your eyebrows." "Now get ready because I'm about to use my scratch torture all over your body!" "I'm sorry for being such a bad big sister! I'm sorry for being poor! I'm sorry for not being able to pay the money! I'm sorry that my greatest people are women!" "A photo with me...? But I'm not photogenic, and it's embarrassing..." "I was just trying to kill time by hanging around at home popping bubble wrap and thought this might be less boring." Romania Name: Birthday: Romania Unknown "There are some strange people... I think we should pretend not to see..."
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