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Leonardo Davinci

No description

Leslie Gracia

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Leonardo Davinci

Leonardo Davinci

By: Garrett, Gabe, Cyanna,Olivia
Early years for
Da vinci
His art
Leonardo Davinci had found talent in art ,and was very fond of it.Leonardo's teacher was Verrocchio. She was a very talented teacher.
Leonardo and Michele Angelo
Leonardo Davinci took art class and he met Michle Angilo. Leonardo was not intrested in Michle's art. So Leonardo told one of his buddies that he did not like Michle's art. Leonardo's buddy told Michle that Davinci did not like his art and Michle got mad. The next day Michle came up to Leonardo and started to have a fight.

He accomplished lots of things witch include art and inventions. He love to be an artist and an inventor. THIS WAS ARE PROJECT ON LEONARDO DIVENCI
The end
Leonardo along with being an artist he was also an inventor. He invented cool things and weird things.
eonardo had a hard childhood.
He lived with his grandfather at 5 years of age
His guardian died when he was 12 years old.He had a hard childhood.

Leonardo's inventions
Michele Angelo
If he lived at a different time, would he still be famous?

Would he be famous without the challenges he faced?
probably not because some one would of figured out
all of the things he did/but some one might not of
figured it out so it is a two way street.
Leonardo di vinc was born in France
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