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FIELD STUDY 2: Experiencing the Teaching-Learning Process

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Melissa Ana Claudius

on 21 September 2014

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Transcript of FIELD STUDY 2: Experiencing the Teaching-Learning Process

"To be a teacher, in the right sense is to be a learner. Instruction begins when you,as a teacher, also learns from the learner.
Instructional Materials Used
July 04 was the day the group observed the class of Prof. Rosario who are Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management 3B. The group were the first to arrive at the designated room, RSDC 106 and during the class, they took/listed down the necessary information about the subject matter.
At the end of the lecture, the group were the last to go out of the room.
Results and Discussion
Before starting with the lesson, the teacher started preparing the multimedia materials but she took so long to prepare it. After 30 minutes of preparation, she motivated the students by letting them watch a video clip about Chinese and Filipino cuisine. The supposed to be topic that day was the Chinese cuisine but due to corruption of files, the Prof. switched to another lesson, which is the Thai cuisine.
After watching the video clip, the teacher checked the attendance. Then, she announced the next activity for the next lecture and laboratory. After which, the teacher asked the students about meats and they answered in chorus, some also were raising their hands. The lesson proper was presented next so some students jot down notes about the topic being discussed.
Thank you!
Last July 03,2014, the group processed their letter of permission to conduct an observation on the class of Prof. Florida Rosario for the completion of the requirements on Field Study 2. It was then that the letter was approved for implementation.
FIELD STUDY 2: Experiencing the Teaching-Learning Process
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