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Writing- Procedural Texts

No description

Liz Miller

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Writing- Procedural Texts

Procedural Texts
"How to be Awkward Around Girls"

1) What is a Procedural Text?
2) When are you given written instructions?
3) What are the procedural elements of a text?
Procedural Documents
Give Instructions and Guide the Reader
Elements include: a list of necessary items, headings, steps in chronological order, action verbs, warnings, and visual aids.
Transition Words
The piece can be satirical. What does that mean?
It can be serious or a "tongue-in-cheek" piece, meaning what?
Writing Assignment Requirements
Write a Funny Procedural Document
Must include
Creative Title
Clear specific purpose
List of necessary items
Chronological order of steps (Minimum of 4)
Strong Action Verbs and Detail to Explain each step
Warnings and Tips section
A graphic or visual aid (chart, picture, ect)
! Does your paper have a heading and a title?
! Does your text have a specific purpose?
! Have you listed all necessary items to perform the task?
! Do you clearly indicate the sequence order? Have you used numbers or bullets where necessary?
! Are your steps described in clear detail?
! Do you include a warning?
! Do you include one graphic to support the procedural document?
! Is the procedural document organized so someone could perform the task? (Test the document on a friend to see if he or she can easily follow its purpose.)

When you save your document, use the following format as the name of your file:

Firstname_Lastname_Lesson Four_Procedural Document.xxx

Functional documents – documents that communicate information that help people perform every day tasks.
Press Releases
Cover Letters
TV listings
Restaurant Menus
Posters/Flyers Instruction Manuals
Application Forms
Bus/Train/Flight Rulebooks/
Warranties Schedules Handbooks
Weather Forecasts
Minutes of Meetings
License Agreements
Travel Directions

For example a paper that explains how to connect a DVD player to a television

Procedural writing is used to explain processes or plans, often instructing the reader on how to do something.
A procedural text is a particular type of functional document that explains how to do something.
Chronological Order
Examples Page 173 -174
Order in which things happen
Usually numbered
Similar to an autobiography happens in the order of the events
Page 178
Use these questions to make sure you have fulfilled all of the requirements:
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