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LA Dodgers

No description

Eric Son

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of LA Dodgers

Dodgers active roster
Dodgers players' salaries
Dodgers salaries
There are many ways that dodgers earn money. Usually, many other sports team have their own sponsors. But for Dodgers, they don't have sponsors. I searched many times, but there wasn't any sponsor for Dodgers. But, Dodgers have their stadium and broadcasting rights fee. For broadcasting, Dodgers contracted with Fox company since 2001. But, this year, Time warner cable company exhibited better condition to Dodgers so Dodgers changed their partner. They contracted with 75 hundred million dollars for 20 years and it is the largest contract through the USA's sports team.
Dodger stadium
Dodger stadium was built in 1959-1962 and opened in 1962 July 10. Construction cost was 23 million dollars and 56 thousands people can enter each time. Also, when it was a off season in 2005, seat removal happened. They changed their seat with a new and little different design.
Total revenue
Dodgers total revenue

home game tickets 459,200,000$
stadium foods 310,000$
broadcasting 375,000,000$
stadium parking fee 840,000$

How can sports team lose their money
Los Angeles Dodgers
As you see this picture, there are 11 pitchers, 2 catchers, 7 infielders and 5 outfielders. Dodgers have less pitchers than other teams. Kershaw,
Greinke, Ryu and Nolasco are starting pitchers. Jansen is a closer and the other pitchers are setup men. For catchers, A.J.Ellis is a key player catcher and Federowicz is a backup catcher. Mark Ellis, Gonzalez, Ramirez and Uribe are key players in fielders. For outfielders, Ethier, Puig, and Crawford are the key players.
This chart show us Doders' players top 10 annual salaries. Adrian Gonzalez get the most expensive salaries. However, Dodgers players' total payroll is 247,553,229 dollars. It is the second expensive valuable through the whole MLB clubs.
It is a picture of Doger stadium seat.
There are many kinds of seats in the
stadium.The pink seats which are
behind the catcher are most expensive
seats and the pink seats which are in the
side of the stadium are the cheapest seat
because if they can see games clearly
and closely, they have to pay more than
other seats. However, to watch dodgers game at dodger stadium, tickets' average cost is 100dollars and there are 56,000seats in dodger stadium. So they can earn 5,600,000dollars for a home game and there are 82 home games for a season so they can earn 459,2000,000dollars for a season.

54 Ronald Belisario
21 Zack Greinke
56 J.P. Howell
74 Kenley Jansen
22 Clayton Kershaw
49 Carlos Marmol
47 Ricky Nolasco
99 Hyun-Jin Ryu
30 Edinson Volquez
00 Brian Wilson
44 Chris Withrow


17 A.J. Ellis
18 Tim Federowicz


14 Mark Ellis
23 Adrian Gonzalez
9 Dee Gordon
7 Nick Punto
13 Hanley Ramirez
5 Juan Uribe
10 Michael Young


25 Carl Crawford
16 Andre Ethier
66 Yasiel Puig
55 Skip Schumaker
33 Scott Van Slyke

There are many ways that dodgers can earn money. Dodgers earn money with home game tickets, stadium foods, broadcasting and parking fee. Dodgers' total revenue is about 83,535,000 dollars.
I think there are many ways that sports team can lose their money. Such as player salaries and stadium fee
player salaries
sponsor and stadium fee
If sports team doesn't have any sponsor, that team become hard to maintain because they can get any money. Also, if stadium fee is expensive, they will be hard to pay for it and became hard to maintain.
All sports teams want to win the games and want to be a strongest team. To win the game, they need good players and good players are expensive. But some sports team don't worry about money. They just get good players and end of the season, they can't pay for them.
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