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No description

Kate Dygas

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of Cannabis

What is it?
Effects and Uses
Cannabis is most widely used as an illegal street drug for its relaxing properties. It is usually rolled into a cigarette; but can also be smoked in a pipe, brewed as a tea or mixed with food. Cannabis acts as a mild sedative, leaving most people feeling relaxed, chilled out or just sleepy.

After smoking for an extended period, people may find they need to smoke more than they used to, to get the same feeling even just to feel OK. Some people use cannabis to solve all sorts of mental challenges, but it won't automatically do this.
There's evidence that cannabis use is linked to a lot of health risks. It damages the ability to concentrate, decreases motivation and more than occasional use in teenagers can affect psychological development. Users can become anxious, suspicious and even paranoid. People may become dependent on cannabis and find it difficult to stop using it.
Cannabis and the Law
The use of cannabis remains illegal. It is a Class B drug. The maximum penalty for possession is 5 years in prison and for supplying the drug is 14 years. A penalty fine may be given for first-time offenders.
Cannabis can make people boring, lifeless and isolated. Consuming it all the time can lead to problems in both your personal life and at work.
Some users of cannabis may be able to give it up, but they may find it harder to give up the general smoking habit. Heavier users may need expert help to stop. These people should talk to their local community drug agency or clinic.
The End
1. Cannabis is a drug produced from the Cannabis sativa
2. The plant is believed to have originated in the mountainous regions of India
3. It now grows wild in many parts of the world
4. The plant contains more than 400 chemicals
5. The different chemical derivatives of the plant can be used for medicinal or recreational purposes
6. The recreational drug cannabis comes in many forms (herbal, resin, powder and oil) and is known by many slang terms (weed, pot, grass and hash)
Advice and Support
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